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Open GovThere are 54 Parish and Town Councils in Richmondshire. The Parish Council is the level of local government nearest to the people of Constable Burton.

The old parishes were formed at a time when there was little difference, to the local people, between the Church and the State, but in the late 1800s Church and State separated. Constable Burton is in the parish of ‘Constable Burton & Finghall’ (Covering the parishes of Barden Garriston, East and West Hauxwell, Akebar and Hutton Hang)

The Parish Councils have many powers and a few duties. An example of a power is one that allows the purchase and operation of street lighting. They manage local amenities and have a watching brief on local issues – their opinion is noted by those higher authorities in matters such as local planning issues.

698175_4a8000beOne duty requires the council to open  their meetings to the press and public. By law, each village within the parish has to hold an annual  meeting in April where residents can raise issues. At a Parish Council meeting, the public cannot speak from the floor without prior permission of the Chairman.

The next such meeting at Constable Burtonis Monday 22 April, at 7pm in the Reading Room, and will provide an opportunity to meet your parish councillors and discuss any matters of concern.

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