What Has Happened To Our Buzzards?

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR BUZZARDS.docxAt this time of year we normally have up to 6 or 7 buzzards riding the thermals above Constable Burton and making that evocative cry of ‘peea-ay’ or a ‘meow’ like that of a cat. Suddenly they are gone. I saw just one 2 days ago.

The Common Buzzard is one of the UK’s larger birds of prey. They normally live off small mammals and carrion but will also take small birds and even slugs and worms.

They mate for life and are fiercely territorial. They nest and breed in woodlands. To attract a mate (or impress his existing mate) the male performs a ritual aerial display before the beginning of spring. This spectacular display is known as ‘the roller coaster’.

He will rise high up in the sky, to turn and plummet downward, in a spiral, twisting and turning as he comes down. He then rises immediately upward to repeat the exercise.

It would be such a shame if we have lost them and as with all wild birds in the UK they are protected.

George Tomlin

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One thought on “What Has Happened To Our Buzzards?

  1. Brian Burton

    This bird does resemble a Red Tailed Hawk in Canada! I wasn’t aware till now that a buzzard is in the Hawk and Eagle family’


    Brian Burton
    London, Ontario


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