Volunteers to Assist with Drainage Work on CB Green

100_ton_steam_shovel,_circa_1919-640George Tomlin is seeking assistance to help install an agricultural drainage pipe under a part of the village green. This work has been proposed over a period of several years and at long last we have the funding to implement the plan.

Mr Charles Wyvill has kindly offered the use of a mechanical digger and Mr Keith Loadman has also kindly offered to assist with the use of one of his tractors. Much of the heavy work is therefore taken care of, but some manual ‘labour’ will still be required.

Volunteers are needed to assist with work over the following days:

Fri 21st Nov – De-turf the line of 2 trenches.

Sat 22nd – Dig 2 trenches using the mechanical digger. (Mr Wyvill is providing the operator).
– Lay drainage pipes.
– Start to back fill.

Sun 23rd – Complete back filling.
– Replace turf.
– Repair any damage incurred to the green.

I intend work to commence at 0900hrs on each day. Anyone who has any spare time is encouraged to come and assist even if it is only for an hour or so. Please bring with you a garden spade and please be suitably dressed.

Thank you in advance.

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