Volunteers Roster v9


  1. The Volunteer Roster for Shopping and Prescriptions covers the period from the Friday 26th February to Friday 14th May 2021.
  2. To date, the group has made 637 shopping deliveries and just 23 prescriptions collected. Well done and thank you. I keep on saying what a fantastic job you have all been doing and I cannot say it enough.
  3. Easter. We do have some Easter activities organised. See the website for details:
    1. Families’ Easter Egg Hunt – Sunday 4th April, on the Green, 2 – 4pm. Donations of chocolate Easter eggs in advance will be most welcome.
    2. Children’s Easter card competition. Entries to be in no later than Friday 26th March. Please note bold/block colours produce the best results.
    3. Alibaba Easter Lucky Dip!
    4. Hopefully more will be announced as Easter approaches.
  4. Renovation of the Toilet Block. For those of you who use the Reading Room carpark please note that work on the toilet block will now start on Mon 01st Mar 21.
  5. Conclusion. Happy Easter to you all. Enjoy but please stay safe everyone. The end may be in sight. And remember DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE.


Hilly Dobson
Parish Councillor &
Response Coordinator
Mobile: 07942864354
9th February 2021


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