Update: Road Concerns and Dog Bins

The Parish Clerk has contacted Highways regarding following Road Concerns.

  1. Flooding outside Michaelmas Finghall – Highways have now inspected the drains and an order has been placed for flushing and cleaning
  2. A 684 crossroads – Finghall/Hunton flooding – an order has been placed for repairs
  3. Trees on the carriageway in the area of Granary Lodge – the landowner has been contacted and asked to rectify the problem.

Highways have notified the Clerk that due to the high volume of repairs etc required the above issues may take some time.

Dog Bins – we are again on the list for a dog bin at Westmoor Farm a request was made for this over year ago.

The Clerk has been informed that there is a 19 week waiting list, but the Clerk felt we had been waiting for more than 19 weeks so we should be well up the list for this installation.

Dog Bin for Constable Burton has been ordered

Cost of Bins £225 each

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