Tour De France Meeting – 27th May 2014




Meeting Minutes – 27th May 2014

  1. Minutes were agreed and signed by the chairman

Michelle Clough from Richmondshire DC was thanked for attending the meeting. She provided very useful information, particularly with regard to the access that visitors would have to availability of car parks. Further work is in hand to improve this.

  1. Car park in Mill field

a) It will open at 5.30am and close at 8pm.

b) More tape will be bought

c) It is hoped to hire tracking for the entrance.

d) Volunteers are required to supervise the car park from 7.30am onwards

e) Dust bins will be moved/borrowed within the village to be put on the Green, field etc

3. Breakfast and tea

a) Timings confirmed 6am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm

b) Hilly has 6 volunteers.

4. Advertising and signs

a) Main road. Signs on the bridge on Tuesday 24. Plastic signs to be bought. Signs on road after the Afternoon tea on Sunday 29 June.

b) Mike is preparing signs for Reading Room and car park

      1. Website. Mike will draft a (brilliant) website providing all the information which visitors might need. Bookings can be made via the site, payment being by PayPal only, and recorded with car registration number. Receipts to be presented on entry to the car park. A link will be set up with the Tour de France website

6. Application for funds – this will be made for hire of the ramp and the plastic board for the signs

7. Use of profit – volunteeers will be asked for suggestions at the end of the day

8. The grass – a tractor and trailer will be borrowed from either Charles Wyvill or Stewart Pounder

9. Date of next meeting Tuesday 17 June at 7pm


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