Tour de France – Grand Départ – A Day to Remember

What a ‘Grand’ Day!

For me, for Constable Burton and for The Dales. Great Weather, monumental event, marvellous crowds and spectacular scenery.

A day that will live long in the memory of many.

Below are some images from the day. Have you got images you’d like to share ? Please send them to



2 thoughts on “Tour de France – Grand Départ – A Day to Remember

  1. Adrian (Moira's brother) - DC area USA

    Wonderful scenes and photos (loved the slo-mo movie clip too). You must have been very proud of Yorkshire. The Tour is on network TV here and has some 8 hours + of coverage each day. The US folks, who have spoken with me, are captured by the scenery and want to visit…..when its not raining, of course. Well done Mike and everyone who contributed photos- they are much appreciated here in the DC area.

  2. Mary Manning

    Well done Constable Burton on putting on such a wonderful show in support of Le Tour. It was a fantastic day – perfect sunshine and Yorkshire countryside looking magnificent. Many thanks for the photos.


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