VE Day – WW2

How many eggs per week did food rationing allow an adult?
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Who designed the Supermarine Spitfire aircraft?
[text text-120]
Who commanded the 8th army at El-Alamein?
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Who invented the bouncing bomb as used during the Dambusters raid?
[text text-140]
Who led the Dambuster mission?
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What was the name of the main site for British codebreakers during WW2?
[text text-160]
Which two important German cipher machines did they crack?
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Which sport’s World Championships are held at “The Crucible” in Sheffield?
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Which Yorkshire racecourse has a mile straight?
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The first stage of the 2014 Tour de France was run in Yorkshire but where did the stage finish?
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Excluding Lewis Hamilton, who was the last British driver to win the Formula One World Championship?
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In what year did England become the first Northern Hemisphere team to win the Rugby (Union) World Cup?
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[text text-240]
What are the Christian names of Harry Potter’s parents?
[text text-250]
Where is the best place to buy a quality wand?
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What is the real name of TV vet James Herriot?
[text text-270]
Monty Python performed the well known “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch but which member of the cast is the only real Yorkshireman amongst them?
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In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what is the name of Charlie’s Grandpa?
[text text-290]
In the first Back to the Future film, what year did Marty McFly time travel back to?
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What are the Christian names of the Bronte sisters (and brother) [one point for each]?
[text text-310]
Which current BBC Radio 2 presenter launched Radio 1 at 8:00am on 30th Sept 1967, playing “Flowers in the rain” by The Move?
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Which battle between the English and Scots armies was fought north of Northallerton in 1138?
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According to legend, who dropped her shawl during an escape attempt from Bolton Castle, thus giving the Leyburn Shawl it’s name?
[text text-350]
Who was Chancellor of the Exchequer prior to our local MP Rishi Sunak taking up the post?
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Between which two towns did the world’s first commercial passenger railway commence operating in 1825?
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On what date do we celebrate St George’s Day?
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What was invented by Yorkshireman Percy Shaw of Halifax in 1934?
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Centenarian Captain (now Colonel) Tom Moore has raised over £31 million for NHS charities by completing 100 lengths of his garden but how many yards long is his garden?
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Which famous Yorkshire villain was hung in York in 1739?
[text text-420]
How many branches of Betty’s tea rooms are there?
[text text-430]
Name Yorkshire’s Three Peaks (1 point each)?
[text text-440]
Where is the highest pub in Yorkshire?
[text text-450]
Which two famous bears can call Yorkshire their home?
[text text-460]
What gemstone was mined near Whitby?
[text text-470]
What ginger cake made using oatmeal and black treacle originates in the Leeds area?
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In 1980, which world famous TV series used Constable Burton Hall as the fictional home of Major Headingly?
[text text-490]
At the 2011 census, what was the population of Constable Burton? +/- 10
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Tie Breakers

During the current crisis Boris Johnson has been chairing meetings of the COBRA committee, what does the acronym stand for?
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Which prominent local lady holds the position of Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire?
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