Superfast Broadband – May 2013 update…..

When I last attended a meeting on the subject of the rollout of ‘Superfast’ Broadband in the area, an update regarding the rollout schedule was promised  “in January”. Well we’re fast approaching the halfway point in the year and, despite registering interest in  the Superfast North Yorkshire Web Site, I’ve not yet received any ‘official’ information.

Despite this, I think that good progress is (probably) being made – on the ground at least – and that the lack of information might be more to do with observing the political and commercial niceties that are bound to surface around ‘one off’ projects like this. There’s little evidence to support this view, however, and the only published information I’m going off is from the Exchange Map  (reproduced below)

Superfast North Yorkshire – Exchange Map

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 15.02.13



This shows that those served by the Bedale exchange (Green)) are now able to start placing orders with Broadband Suppliers and that residents covered by the North Cowton and Well exchanges (orange) might expect to be in this position next and are ‘coming soon’. The only exchange in the area with no apparent upgrade plans appears to be Jervaulx.

So while its still uncertain exactly WHEN we all might have a Better Broadband Future it looks like its a certain and might actually be relatively SOON – and with BT announcing Free Premier League Football to all its customers, for any sports fans, it can’t come soon enough……


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