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    VE Day – WW2

    How many eggs per week did food rationing allow an adult?

    Who designed the Supermarine Spitfire aircraft?

    Who commanded the 8th army at El-Alamein?

    Who invented the bouncing bomb as used during the Dambusters raid?

    Who led the Dambuster mission?

    What was the name of the main site for British codebreakers during WW2?

    Which two important German cipher machines did they crack?


    Which sport’s World Championships are held at “The Crucible” in Sheffield?

    Which Yorkshire racecourse has a mile straight?

    The first stage of the 2014 Tour de France was run in Yorkshire but where did the stage finish?

    Excluding Lewis Hamilton, who was the last British driver to win the Formula One World Championship?

    In what year did England become the first Northern Hemisphere team to win the Rugby (Union) World Cup?


    What are the Christian names of Harry Potter’s parents?

    Where is the best place to buy a quality wand?

    What is the real name of TV vet James Herriot?

    Monty Python performed the well known “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch but which member of the cast is the only real Yorkshireman amongst them?

    In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, what is the name of Charlie’s Grandpa?

    In the first Back to the Future film, what year did Marty McFly time travel back to?

    What are the Christian names of the Bronte sisters (and brother) [one point for each]?

    Which current BBC Radio 2 presenter launched Radio 1 at 8:00am on 30th Sept 1967, playing “Flowers in the rain” by The Move?


    Which battle between the English and Scots armies was fought north of Northallerton in 1138?

    According to legend, who dropped her shawl during an escape attempt from Bolton Castle, thus giving the Leyburn Shawl it’s name?

    Who was Chancellor of the Exchequer prior to our local MP Rishi Sunak taking up the post?

    Between which two towns did the world’s first commercial passenger railway commence operating in 1825?

    On what date do we celebrate St George’s Day?


    What was invented by Yorkshireman Percy Shaw of Halifax in 1934?

    Centenarian Captain (now Colonel) Tom Moore has raised over £31 million for NHS charities by completing 100 lengths of his garden but how many yards long is his garden?

    Which famous Yorkshire villain was hung in York in 1739?

    How many branches of Betty’s tea rooms are there?

    Name Yorkshire’s Three Peaks (1 point each)?

    Where is the highest pub in Yorkshire?

    Which two famous bears can call Yorkshire their home?

    What gemstone was mined near Whitby?

    What ginger cake made using oatmeal and black treacle originates in the Leeds area?

    In 1980, which world famous TV series used Constable Burton Hall as the fictional home of Major Headingly?

    At the 2011 census, what was the population of Constable Burton? +/- 10

    Tie Breakers

    During the current crisis Boris Johnson has been chairing meetings of the COBRA committee, what does the acronym stand for?

    Which prominent local lady holds the position of Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire?