Spring Tweet!

SolsortI’m not sure how many of you listen to the BBC’s “Tweet of the Day” at 6:00am (on Radio 4 every morning!)

For many I’m sure that its a little too early I’m sure – but there’s an even earlier treat EVERY morning at the moment right here in Constable Burton. Currently at about 4:14am the Dawn Chorus is especially good and – don’t ask me how – I’ve found the motivation to get up and record a few sound-bytes, which I thought I’d share:

A short sample recorded late last week (with an Owl that’s a little past its bedtime) The background noise is simply the Beck.

For the more dedicated soul, this one is 12 minutes long (again the only background is the Beck)

The Dusk Chorus can be just as good – with excellent soloists – but there tends to be a lot more background noise.

2 thoughts on “Spring Tweet!

  1. Julia

    A reminder, if one was needed, about how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Thank you for sharing a little bit of early morning and evening nature at its best!

  2. Keith Manning

    Brilliant Mike-and the kind of reward you need for getting up that early in the morning; I’m not volunteering to join you just now! Keith


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