Sad News from South Africa


As many of you may know, George Tomlin is currently in South Africa where he’s helping to conduct trials of conservation drones – to help in protecting wild life under threat from poaching. His exact location can not to be revealed, but earlier this afternoon I received the following:

“While I was waiting at Schiphol Airport for my flight to S Africa I received a message from what is now my current location that the carcass of a white rhino had been found. It had been shot and dehorned by poachers up to 5 days previously.We are now 99% certain that the remains are of Norman.

Norman was the first rhino I ever met. We had searched all day for him 2 years ago but could not find him. We had given up so climbed into our vehicle to drive back to base. We drove around the first bend and there he stood in the middle of the track!

A magnificent specimen of his kind. Enormous and so gentle. I have not yet met one to surpass him. I have used my photograph of him for many purposes including my presentations in our Reading Room. He will be missed so much by so many.”

Sad news indeed – which only serves to underline the importance and urgency of Georges mission. 

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