Roundup and Reminders – December 2015

Christmas_tree_with_presentsAfternoon Tea

The festive season kicks off early this year with a ‘Festive’ Afternoon Tea on Sunday 13th December 2pm – 4pm. The Christmas Tree is ready and waiting, and there’s a FREE Mince Pie for Everyone!!

Neighbourhood Watch

Finghall Neighbourhood Watch are having a meeting on the 18 December – at 7pm at the Chapel in Finghall.   The Police are coming to give some updates on Security following  ‘recent incidents’ in Finghall.  Anyone from Constable Burton who’s interested in attending will be welcome.

Superfast Fibre

IMG_1677It looks like ‘superfast’ Broadband will be available in the village very soon. Fibre cable was laid beneath the A684 some weeks ago and ducts along the side of the village green have been laid just this week. Once cable lis laid in these ducts it’ll make ‘fibre’ access available to virtually the whole village – but you’ll probably need to check individual availability on a property by property basis.

Some vendors (BT, Sky, TalkTalk, EE and Plusnet etc.) are already advertising packages with speeds between 38Mbps and 76Mbps (compared to the current ‘up to’ 8Mbps – with actual speeds rather less than this).u details are inconsistent and exactly ‘when’ they’ll be able to deliver is not yet clear. [And, of course, you’ll need to plough your way through the mind numbing labyrinth of deals, offers and marketing obfuscation to find, and compare, commercial and contract details – not for the faint of heart!!]

If you’ve currently got, or get in the future, any information on availability, ‘best deals’ or potential problems then feel free to share your thoughts below using the ‘Leave Your Comment’ box below.

Coffee Morning

There’s no Coffee Morning in December, but the 1st Coffee Morning of 2016 is currently scheduled for  January 16th

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