Reminder – Village Fair this Sunday

IMG_9714Just a few reminders about the Village Fair on Sunday.

If you’ve got time, and a little energy, on Saturday – it would be great if you could turn up on Saturday to help erect the Tent. The more people their are, the better.

Same on Sunday. Anytime from 11pm would be a great help. There shouldn’t be much to set up, but the more people their are, the easier it gets.

IMG_9710It’s Time Now to start putting out your scarecrow – and please let Moira Eddington know where you’re putting it and what its name is – if you’ve not already done so. Also, any thoughts about ‘helpful clues’ that might amuse the children would be helpful.

And, finally, there’s room on the Tombola for more gifts – if you’ve got them.

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