Reading Room, Minutes of Meeting March 8th 2020

Reading Room Meeting 8th March 2020

1) Apologies from Kylie and Mike

2) Present Hilly, Stewart, Gill, Jennie,and Cathy

3) Matters arising from Last Meeting: not appropriate as last meeting was last August before fair. Mostly issues with maintenance discussed in any other business.

4) Protocol of future meetings: change of day and time to suit members so they have a chance of attending at the moment Sunday mornings 11 am once a month preferably. It was stressed that it is important to have some structure to the meetings and have a minimum of four a year.Communication with members so they are informed when held.

5) Treasures report: Jenny provided a detailed account of the last months transactions (see attached sheet) Also a Spreadsheet detailing transactions over the last year. A donation by Darcy Wyvill of £530 was passed to Gill to be banked and Gill handed over £74 from the walking group.

It was noted that a grant has been received from richmondshire council towards repairs and Gill was thanked for securing this grant and for Darcy’s donation towards repairs.At the end of Jennys report she handed account books and cash to Hilly as she is stepping down as treasurer Hilly will hold them temporarily till another treasure is found.Books will be sent to auditor Alan Cope and Jenny to forward a spreadsheet to him.

6) Defibrillator: Trevor Macdonald checking it is ok

7) Access to notice board a the moment it is unlocked agreed that it should remain this way and accessible the contents will be regularly monitored.

8) Donation of books please ensure they are in good order when donating thank you

9) Security in village warning of stray sheep which have caused damage to property mostly cars it has been dealt with. Contact estate directly or agents if any issues or parish councillors. Trees have been trimmed opposite aAshfield close. Be aware of any suspicious vehicles.

10) Future events: possible Easter Tea

11) Other business: Jacksons to come and check electrics. New grate and fire bricks to be purchased. The chimney flue has been replaced and the floor has been repaired. One long standing achievement of repair to the mower shed roof which has been ongoing, thank you to Tim Moss for undertaking these repairs. Funding for future projects was discussed and will be looked into. Toilet block roof still outstanding so need more funds for this. Both Gill and Jenny stepped down from the committee and their positions as secretary and treasurer they will be missed and were thanked for their services. Cathy temporarily doing the minutes. We need some new members if anyone is interested. General cleaning of the hall will be undertaken when we get a team together.

12) Date of next meeting : Sunday 15th March 10 am date of AGM will be fixed at this meeting.


** Meeting Postponed **

Agenda for Next Meeting:

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee Meeting

Sunday 15th March 2020 at 10 a.m.

  1. Apologies.
  1. Minutes of previous meeting.
  1. Matters arising.
  1. Treasurers report.
  1. Appointment of new committee members.
    1. Jason Dixon has applied to be a member of the committee proposed by Hilly Dobson and seconded by Stuart Ayres.
    2. Positions yet to be filled are those of:
      1. Secretary.
      2. Treasurer.
  1. Repair to toilet block. Suggested way ahead:
    1. Re-roofing to alter its pitch.
    2. Obtain from a builder (Tim Moss?) an estimate as to the cost.
    3. Being in a conservation area obtain planning permission if required.
    4. With agreement of the committee on the proposed work investigate and apply for funding.
  1. Parish Council Village Meeting (PCVM).
    1. The annual PCVM is to be held in the Reading Room on Thursday 16th April at 7pm.
    2. The purpose of the meeting is to raise and discuss any local/village issues.
    3. Items for discussion should be submitted to the Chairperson of Parish Council via the Chairperson of this committee prior to the meeting.
  1. Any other business.
  1. Date of next meeting.

Hilly Dobson March 2020

Parish Councillor and

Reading Room Chairperson

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