Reading Room, Minutes of Meeting March 15th 2020

Reading Room. Meeting 15th March 2020

Apologies; Kylie, Mike

Present: Hilly,Jason, George, Cathy, Stewart,Mandy and Jeff Lane

Matters arising from last meeting: The village parish council meeting to combine with Reading room AGM . Parish meeting at 7.00pm and Reading room AGM at 8.00 pm approx on Thursday 16th April.

Treasurers Report : Cheque paid to Tim Moss £2,148 outgoing Received donation of £321.60 from Tim Moss. Cash payment to Kevin Reilly £50 being payment for double sided sign.

Expenses of £7.00 for bottle of wine given in gratuity to Tony Knowles for his plumbing services, and £9.54 for Easter stationary claimed by Hilly leaving a balance of £7.46 from cash received from walking group.Parish council to be billed for last meeting 1 8th of February.

Appointment of new members: Jason Dixon was welcomed to the committee.

Repair to toilet block roof: way forward to keep Wyvill family informed on progress. Obtain up to date quotes from builder Tim Moss and obtain other quotes to compare. Look into ways of funding

Any other business: Be aware of coronavirus and look out for your neighbours offer assistance to residents when needed. Put provisional functions on hold and keep residents updated. Paper towels have been ordered from Tony Knowles for dispensers..

Stewart to clear mower shed out so Hilly can fill it. Hilly and Mandy to clean and sanitise it. Mandy and Hilly to empty yellow dustbins on the green a lot of dog mess bags in them. Hopefully we will be getting a dog bin for this purpose from parish council. .

Future events will be put on hold to reduce spread of coronavirus. 10% of summer fair and duck race money will be donated to Air Ambulance charity.

Date of next meeting: AGM 16th April 8pm

NB: due to the restrictions the above date of meeting will be reviewed when we can meet.

We will keep you updated see web page or noticeboard keep well !

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