Reading Room, Minutes of AGM – March 28th 2017

Apologies: Jane larlton, George Tomlinson

Present : Stuart Ayers, Hilda Dobson, Chris Green, Kylie
Ford, Cathy Ayers, Trevor McDonald, Jonny Handley, Tony Duff, Keith Loadman.

Minutes of the last meeting 8th March 2016 were accepted as true

Matters Arising: A larger fireguard is in use now. The wildflower
area has been started by Thomas and Cathy on a smaller scale then
originally planned.

Chairperson’s Report: see below.

Treasures’ Report: see below; accounts still
with auditors

Election Of Officers:

Treasurer: Jonny Handley to stay on.
Chairperson: Charles Wyvill
Deputy Chair : Kylie Ford
Secretary: Gillian Carrs

The rest of the committee were happy to remain apart from Cathy
who is stepping down. Jonny thanked her on behalf of committee
for her multi roles.

Appointment of Auditors: Kim Duke happy to fill role.

Future Events:

8th April, Coffee morning at new time of 11am-1pm.
Easter egg hunt and Afternoon Tea 16th April 2-5pm.
13th May Coffee morning 11-1pm.
Afternoon Tea :- May 28th 2-Spm.
10th June Mediterranean Night 7pm.

Any other Business:

The telephone box will remain as it is a life
line and as we have a defibrilator it is the connection for same.
Suggested that the defibrlator should need a service Trevor to
look into this. Chris reported that he has replaced kitchen
cupboard door with as close a match as possible. Also that due
care should be taken where the boiler is positioned to prevent any
further damage and that it should be emptied as soon as it is cool.
Concern from residents about proposal of replacing pots with
posts and chain links on areas of green as could be a hazard to
pedestrians when they need to get out of traffics way. Pointed out
that it is just a proposal at the present time.

Date of next meeting : Tuesday 4th April 7pm

Chairpersons Report
2016 -2017

Welcome to everybody this is a concise account of events in the reading room
and on the green.

This year has seen various events in and around the reading room. Our regular users of the room have been the Yoga classes run by Josie keeping the attendants supple. Thanks to Mike Phillipson for running his computer clinics once a month and giving advice to those who need it now superfast broadband has finally reached the village!

The artist group has struggled to keep going and is always looking for new members see Margaret Topliss if you would like to join.
The room has been hired out for Christening and Birthday parties. Its other uses were the European Referendum and police commissioners poll and therefore as the polling station.

We have held our regular coffee mornings and book sales and our popular Afternoon teas, this provides a regular income for the hall thank you to all those who helped and ran these days. Thank you to all those who have donated books!
The Easter egg hunt and afternoon tea was a success despite the inclement weather and was enjoyed by those families who braved the weather.
Another enjoyable event in June was a celebration of the Queens’90 birthday a fun day including a BBQ and sports games for the children and the obligatory afternoon tea, some even say they spotted the Queen about the throng!
At the end of August the Summer Fair and Duck Race was a successful and busy day and featured a Ladies Morris dance group which created a truly fair day atmosphere. The Ducks ran well in the beck much to the delight of all those involved. The teas in the hall and the stalls on the green were enjoyed by all and the weather was kind! Thank you to all helped before during and after the day. Also scattered about the village were some creative Scarecrows which added to the day!
The Halloween event was split into two days this year with the adults having a supper evening on the saturday night and the children and families having tea and games followed by a mass trick or treat group around the village one of the best attended Halloween nights!

We had a Christmas afternoon tea with free mince pies! No New Years Eve party but instead held a Chinese New Year Supper in January which rounded the year off! To bring in the spring a very successful souper saturday was held inMarch.

Thank you to everyone for your support whether you are on the committee or not, we couldn’t keep going without you!

Cathy Ayers

Treasures’ Report:

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