Reading Room, Minutes of AGM – March 10th 2015

Constable Burton Reading Room

Annual General Meeting March 10 2015

Apologies for absence Tony and Becky Duff

Present Hilda Dobson, Michael Phillipson, Moira Edington, Stewart Ayers,

George Tomlin, Martina Miller, Cathy Ayers, Anna Corbett, Michael and Valerie Dawson, Peter Downey and Johnny Handley

Minutes of the last meeting

They were read and accepted as an accurate record. Approved by Stewart Ayers, seconded by Michael Phillipson

There were no matters arising

Chairman’s Report

Please see below

Treasurer’s Report

Please see documents below

Dawn Handley, our retiring treasurer, was thanked for her work during the year. The presentation in the form of pie charts was warmly welcomed. Alan Capes was thanked for his valuable work as our auditor. It was noted that he does not want any kind of reward.

Election of Officers

Michael Phillipson, Stewart Ayers, Anna Corbett, Cathy Ayers and Hilda Dobson are willing to continue as members of the committee

Johnny Handley was nominated as treasurer by Stewart Ayers, seconded by Anna Corbett and was duly elected.

Martina Miller was nominated as secretary by Stewart Ayers, seconded by Cathy Ayers and was duly elected.

There being no application for the position of Chairman, the meeting thanked Charles Wyvill for offering to act as Chairman to satisfy the requirements of the Constitution.

Appointment of Auditors

Alan Cape has kindly agreed to continue in this position.

Any other business

George Tomlin was thanked for organising the draining of the Green. He reported that the new pipe was draining 230 gallons of water off the Green in 24 hours. It will be harrowed and rolled when the ground is firm enough to take a tractor without damaging the surface.

Hilda Dobson referred to the minutes of the last committee meeting which said that the Afternoon Teas would be held every eight weeks. It was agreed that we would revert back to the Teas every four weeks on the last Sunday of the month, from April to September, except for August as this is covered by the Summer Fair.

Stewart Ayers expressed concern about the mole hills on the Green. The owner of the field running along Mill Lane has spent some time getting rid of moles in his field, but suspects that they will move to his field from the Green. Stewart will work with him to deal with the problem.

Coming Events

A “Take and Share” Supper on Saturday 28 March at 7.30pm

An Easter Tea and Egg Hunt on Sunday 5 April from 2pm till 4pm

Date of the next committee meeting

Tuesday 14 April at 7pm

The meeting closed at 8.30pm


Welcome to everyone thank you for coming. The Reading Room remains the centre of the village social scene. This year we have struggled to maintain the level of events which may have been scaled down to a degree, I am thinking of the themed supper evenings which didn’t take place this year I hope this may be addressed in the coming year. However the monthly coffee mornings& book sales and Afternoon Teas have provided income for the hall and a meeting \point in the calendar for residents and friends out of the village.

Our regular use of the hall includes weekly computer workshop thanks to Mike Phillipson for giving up his Friday afternoons. We have a new Yoga class once a week as a result of one of our more recent arrivals to the village of Josie, who runs the class. The Penhill painters are still making use of the facilities and have kept going despite dwindling numbers, we appreciate their support of the hall

The hall was used as the polling station in 2014 and will be again for the general election this year. We have had a defibrillator installed on the outside of the hall it is appropriate as the Reading Room is the emergency centre for the area

The Summer Fair and Duck Race was our largest source of revenue and was a very successful day enjoyed by all who came, the new pot smashing game proved a real pull.

The Reading Room was used by the Tour de France sub group to provide Breakfast and Teas on the day of the event. This was a really fun day and atmosphere was great with lots of bunting and yellow bikes.

Hauxwell Church held a Table Top sale which was very well attended and successful for their fundraising.

Our Halloween party for both children and adults went down well and fun was had by all. We rounded off the year with a New years’ eve meal .

Our aim was to keep the Reading Room open for use by residents and financially keep it afloat which we have achieved. A big thank you to my committee and all those who have supported me and the reading room in the last twelve months. One last thank you goes to an now ex villager Julia Cardy for all the jams she made over the years in support of the hall her shoes or jam pots are waiting to be filled!

Cathy Ayers
(outgoing chairperson)





One thought on “Reading Room, Minutes of AGM – March 10th 2015

  1. Julia Cardy

    I read the AGM minutes with interest. Pleased to see that Martina has already got involved in village life! Thank you to Cathy for mentioning me (or rather my jams!) in her outgoing chair person’s report. I was pleased to be able to make a small but regular contribution to reading room funds during my time as a resident in the village! Good luck with the events in 2015 – Julia


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