Reading Room Minutes – October 2nd 2012



Present: Cathy Ayers, Keith Manning, Hilda Dobson, Mike Phillipson, Stephen Allen and George Tomlin as an invited guest

Apologies: Liz Bell, Anna Corbett, Stewart Ayers, Pam Allen

Matters arising:

  1. A succesful Sunday tea was held on September 23rd although not as busy as usual.
  2. The new hot water catering urn had arrived and thoroughly tested at the Sunday tea
  3. The lawnmower has been repaired and returned although the control cables are kinked.
  4. Anna is looking into getting volunteer help install steps on the green. No progress on the seat repair.

Treasurer’s report

Since the last meeting, expenses have exceeded income by a small amount. Income was derived from lettings and the latest afternoon tea. The afternoon teas project has provided a valuable source of income.The catering urn was a one-off expense but the electricity bill was a recurring expense. Although in line with earlier bills it wasn’t established whether it was based on a reading or estimate. There is more than £3000 in the bank but the treasurer urged fiscal rectitude.


Future Events

A Coffee Morning/Brunch will be held on Saturday October 13th with extended hours 10am – 2pm. so that bacon rolls could be served using bacon left from the jubilee. Organisers – Hilda and Liz.

George Tomlin will repeat his talk on Africa on Thursday October 18th – by popular demand from people who missed his first talk. The committee agreed to provide nibbles.

The next Sunday Afternoon Tea will be on October 21st run by the usual helpers.

On Nov 15th the Reading Room will be hired for Police and Crime Commissioner Elections. A useful letting income.

A Pie and Peas Supper will be held on November 21st with a 7pm start. Cathy will make a Shepherds Pie and Hilda a Desperate Dan Pie with all the traditional trimmings. Further food will be needed – with possibly apple pie for dessert.


Other Business

  1. The lawnmower will be serviced in December
  2. The hole at the entrance to the car park was further deepened by recent flooding. There was some discussion about whether this was the responsibility of County Highways or the Reading Room. Cathy had priced 2 bags of cold ashphalt at £20 including VAT to effect the repair but no decision will be made until Hilda has consulted Highways to see if they will repair it. It was thought not worth making a repair until John has installed the promised linear drain at the car park entrance.
  3. There was a discussion about draining the green. It was felt that as the problem had gradually worsened, the solution would be to replace the land drains. George had some plans and costings for materials amounting to £311. Mr Wyvill said he would provide a digger, saving £150 on hire charges from Winstanleys. Mr Wyvill was in no hurry to offer a solution other than waiting until the spring to see if it dried out. As the problem is linked with drainage from the road, Hilda said she would approach highways as an additional drain in the road had been promised her as a solution to the flooding of her property.
  4. The question of fundraising was discussed in view of the expense of item 3 above. The sale of a 2013 callendar was doubtful as last year’s callendar was for a specific object (Jubilee celebrations) and time was already running out. Hilda said she would consult the Welcome Club at their next meeting.


Next Meeting Tuesday November 6th

SHA 03/10/12


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