Reading Room Minutes – November 6th 2012



Present: Cathy Ayers, Anna Corbett, Keith Manning, Stewart Ayers, Mike Phillipson, Stephen Allen

Apologies: Pam Allen, Hilda Dobson.

A letter of resignation has been received from Liz. However, Liz intends to continue to help as time permits. Secretary to write a letter of thanks.

Matters arising:

  1. A successful Sunday tea was held on October 21st. Secretary to write letters of thanks to Doreen, Jean and Betty for their work on teas throughout the year.
  2. A Successful brunch was held on October 13th raising almost £120
  3. George Tomlin raised over £200 from his second “Out of Africa” talk on October 18th. A favourable reaction was received from a visitor about the evening.
  4. The hole outside the car park has been filled – funded by profits from the Supper Club Harvest Supper. Thanks to John Eddington and Stewart Ayers for this and the installation of the gully drains.
  5. Drainage of the green to be held over until next year.

Treasurer’s report

Income exceeded expediture this month but the treasurer demanded continued fiscal rectitude so we can face the rest of the financial year with a degree of confidence.

Room bookings

The Reading Room has been booked for parties on November 7th and 17th and for polling on November 15th.

Future Events

Pie and Peas Supper will be held on November 9th with a 7pm start. Cathy will make a Shepherds Pie and Hilda a Desperate Dan Pie with all the traditional trimmings. Anna will make an apple pie.

An afternoon tea with a Christmas theme will be held on November 25th. 2- 4 pm.

Other Business

  1. Stephen will oversee delivery of the polling equipment on November 13th.
  2. It was suggested that the phone box be used as the revised morning newspaper delivery point.
  3. Mike has analysed printer usage – a higher than usual usage showed up in October but this was largely Reading Room related. Good to see the equipment being used.

Next Meeting Tuesday December 4th

SHA November 6th

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