Reading Room Minutes – April 3rd 2013



Present: Cathy Ayers, Keith Manning, Mike Phillipson, Pam Allen, Anna Corbett and Stephen Allen

Apologies:, Stewart Ayers and Hilly Dobson

Matters arising: None

Treasurer’s report:

Opening balance £2695.50. Big progress on electricity cost this month as the treasurer queried the ever increasing electricity bill and has negotiated a reduction in standing charge and a reduced tarif. Our provider, npower will also come and remove two of our three meters.

Future Events

Coffee MorningSaturday April 6th – Anna to be in charge. Assisted by Pam. Stephen will light the fire

Sunday April 21stfirst Afternoon Tea event. – 3 – 5pm. Anna has a prior engagement and asked whether the Welcome club will help out. Cathy will ask at the next meeting. Stephen will light the fire

May 5 – 6th – Grand Book Sale. 10am – 3pm. Stephen and Mike will do Sunday and Anna and Pam will do Monday. Road signs to go out and if fine a table will be placed outside with books. Bunting essential. Pam will compose information to go on the web site and pass to Mike for publication.

Coffee Morning – Saturday May 11th

Sunday May 26th – Afternoon Tea – to catch the Bank Holiday.

Other Business

  • Spring cleaning – to be held in abeyance until the Woodmanship courses end.
  • Mike to take photographs of the hall in use for the web site. Anna will remind villagers about registering for the web site to cut down on flyer distribution
  • Anna to enquire about a grant for new lighting.
  • Decision made to go ahead with repair of the two seats on the green.




Next meeting May 7th at 7pm

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