Reading Room Minutes – January 15th 2013



Present: Cathy Ayers, Anna Corbett, Keith Manning, Mike Phillipson, Hilly Dobson and Stephen Allen

Apologies: Pam Allen, Stewart Ayers.

Matters arising:

  1. December coffee morning was a quiet event but maintained a useful social function
  2. The Italian Evening on December 8th was a success and enjoyed by those attending.
  3. The New Year’s Eve Party was cancelled because of illness and absences from the village.
  4. Cathy will see Lord Peel in the next few days about a talk..
  5. There has been a considerable interest in the website.(more on that later)
  6. The old newspaper store will be kept without a top, as a bin store following the installation of the excellent new paper box outside the Reading Room.
  7. Some rubbish has been removed from the car park area and the old chicken house will be removed before the Spring.

Treasurer’s report

The treasurer said his prediction of over-expenditure over the winter had come to pass with the annual insurance premium, buying of coal and a quarterly electricity bill: this on top of a major investment in heating oil.The deficit was offset somewhat by a good income from room letting and coffee morning profit, however, the treasurer maintained his usual request for fiscal rectitude and ongoing austerity. He produced an insightful analysis of insurance and oil costs averaged over the year and hoped that the forward buying of oil would prove a hedge against world oil prices and shield us from the current cold snap. Fund raising efforts were described as “heroic” and if maintained, would keep us “in the black”

Future Events

Soup Lunch January 19thStephen to make 3 soups – Cream of Asparagus, Tomato Basil and Minestrone. Hilly will get the rolls/bread , tea bags, butter, milk . Soup and roll to be £2.50 plus £1 for tea or coffee. Time 12 – 2pm

Coffee Morning –Saturday February 9thHilly to be in charge.

Coffee MorningSaturday March 9th – Anna to be in charge.

Friday March 15th Spring Supper.

Sunday April 21st first Afternoon Tea event.

Other Business

  • Mike discussed the calendar on the village web site. Web stats were produced showing that the village blog had been viewed 840 times to date with a strong response to George’s Africa picture ( attack by killer spider) and Mavis’s icy spider web photo (no connection). The Safer Neighbourhoods leaflet is an ideal subject for posting on the site – should be seen by more people than the notice board. Mike will post this. The committee thank Mike for his management of the web site.
  • Community policeman Richard Braddock wants to speak at a Coffee Morning – date to be arranged. Apparently to speak to him you need to know his “collar number” or PIN number (policeman identification number ) which is 6598. Hilly hasn’t been able to get through yet to fix a date ( for the talk)
  • Toilet block roof is leaking again. Cathy has asked Darcy to come and inspect. Wheelers made a repair recently in March 2012 and it wasn’t known whether the felt was replaced at this time – Cathy to ask Stewart. The problem may be the shallow slope to the roof.The chair shed needs refelting and the mower shed needs a new roof. There is a question of the state of the timbers in the mower shed – Stewart to discuss with John Eddington as the mower shed is conjoined to his property. It looks as if there will be more expense involved
  • Stephen has presented a framed Jubilee photo with a key that needs more names. The Golden Jubilee key has gone missing – Anna thinks it is in one of the drawers
  • Table cloths for Saturday need ironing – Anna volunteered
  • Penhill Painters will start on Monday,January 21st – at the usual rent


Date of next meeting – Tuesday February 5th at 7pm



January 16th 2013


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