Reading Room Minutes – 8th March 2016

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 8th March 2016 at 7.40 p.m.

Present: Stewart and Cathy Ayers, Jonny Handley and Martina Miller

Apologies: Hilly, Mike and Gerry

Matters arising from previous meeting 9th February 2016:

Village Health and Safety

Stewart advised that due to an increase in heavy goods vehicles and tractors delivering building supplies to the village, the grass verges to the Green have been badly damaged. Furthermore, Stewart recently spent time cleaning up the flattened grass and soil spread across the road and re-established the verge boundaries. There is now considerable gaps where the original verge ended. A discussion took place and it was agreed that this matter should be raised with our Parish Councillors and alert owners of properties receiving deliveries. Thank you to Stewart for giving up his time to clean the mess up.

ACTION: Raise concerns with Parish Council. Erect more signs “Do not park/drive on grass verges” This item Ongoing.

Village Farm is be refurbished and scaffolding has recently been erected. Residents are reminded to take special care when walking past. Contractors have been asked to park sensibly due to lack of space alongside this property and to prevent any road hazards. The Committee have offered roofing contractor’s use of the Reading Room toilet facilities and water (within reason) until services are reinstated at Village Farm.

The Green

The committee received a request from a resident to produce a Wild Flower Bed on The Green (similar to Crakehall). Mr Wyvill has given permission for residents to go ahead with this project. Stewart and Martina offered to mark out and spray appropriate area in preparation for Wild Flower seeds. Committee budget to be used to fund project. If successful we would recommend this area be cleared and reseeded annually. Trevor and Julie McDonald have offered their help in managing this area. Thanks to Charles Wyvill for his continued support.

ACTION: Stewart and Martina to prepare area. Committee to organise weed killer and seeds. Volunteers needed This item Ongoing

The Committee welcomes residents to bring forward their ideas and suggestions in maintaining and keeping our Village in Bloom.

Future Events

Coffee morning Saturday 12th March at 10 a.m. Hilly and Mike to run. Helpers needed please. Thank you

Easter Afternoon Tea due to be held on Sunday 27th March 2016 Hilly to run. Helpers needed please. Thank you to Hilly for organising this year’s event.

Jonny has 3 dozen eggs for egg throwing/rolling. Dawn has agreed to make her fabulous scones. Thank you Dawn

Village Summer Fair due to be held on Sunday 28th August 2016 (With Duck Race) Helpers needed please. Reminder: At least 4 people needed in The Beck to allow Duck Race to go ahead.Thank you

George has advised that he will not be available.

It was agreed that future Halloween events would be on separate days to ease the work load and organisation.

Halloween Children Event – Helpers needed please. Thank you

Halloween Adults Supper – Helpers needed please. Thank you

Mediterranean Supper Night – date to be agreed

Indian Supper Night – date to be agreed

70s or 80s Themed Supper night (Fancy Dress) – date to be agreed

Summer BBQ with Sports Day event Helpers needed please. Thank you – date to be agreed

Gatsby/Downton style Supper Night (Fancy Dress) – date to be agreed

Any Other Business

Cathy advised that the Council Road Sweeper has been into the village and made a super job of removing the built up debris. Cathy informed the Council that due to the increase in traffic our roads had become messy. Thanks Cathy for being on the ball.

Trevor agreed to purchase and fit a new Yale Lock to the Reading Room front door. Committee budget to fund. Thank you Trevor.

Date of next committee meeting: Tuesday 12th April 2016 at 7 p.m. Main agenda item – Organise Village Summer Fair. All Welcome

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