Reading Room Minutes – 7th Jul 2015

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 7th July 2015

Present: Stuart Ayers, Anna Corbett, Jonny Handley and Martina Miller

Apologies were received from Hilda Dobson, Cathy Ayers and Mike Phillipson

Matters arising from the previous meeting held on 9th June 2015.

  • Amendment to web page ‘Stuart and Cathy Hall – to read Stuart and Cathy Ayers’
  • Bench by the Bus stop. The bench has been restored to a high standard. Anna has verbally thanked Derek Knight for doing a super job. Thanks to Keith Loadman for supplying the wood.
  • Picnic Bench (The Green)Derek has repaired the damaged picnic bench and it now requires staining. Help needed please as the bench is unsuitable for use at present.
  • Grass Cutting (The Green)

Jonny advised that he had found a strimmer to buy at a cost of £80. It was agreed that this item be purchased and kept in the same place as the lawnmower. Volunteers needed to cutback overgrown foliage i.e. Around trees and posts. Amendment to previous minutes – ‘petrol mower’ to read ‘petrol strimmer’. Stuart advised that there are still too many stones on The Green, preventing the new grass from coming through. Volunteers required please.

  • Special Event – Impact Foundation (Nepal) Earthquake Disaster Appeal.Presentation by Maj (Retd) George Tomlin MBEThe event took place on Friday 26th June and was well attended and enjoyed by all. Full details of funds raised and raffle prize winners can be found on the website. Thank you to all helpers and everyone who supported this event.

Treasurers Report June 2015

Money In

£59 – Coffee Morning 11th June 2015 (Thanks to George, Sheila and Mike for their help)

£40 – Parish Council Grant for bench repairs (Thanks to Anna for organising)

TOTAL IN = £99

Money Out

£6.89 Petrol

£7.45 Coffee Morning Expenses

£40.00 Reading Room Lottery Licence refund to George

£75.01 Electricity Bill

£79.18 Purchase of materials for bench repairs

TOTAL OUT = £208.53


Bank balance as of 27th April 2015 is £2333.31

Jonny gave a brief overview of his report. He advised that the recent Room Hire fee was still outstanding. Action: Stuart to chase up.

Any Other Business


It was agreed that all future signage be amendment. Anna advised that Mike Phillipson had kindly offered to produce new posters for the Village Fair and it was suggested that 6 copies would be required. Thanks Mike for your continued support.

Constable Burton Village Fair due to be held on Sunday 30th August from 2 p.m onwards. Main event ‘Duck Race’ followed by BBQ, Afternoon Tea and various stalls.

It was suggested that a ‘Plant and Produce’ stall be organised (subject to donations and helpers to run stall).

‘Have a Smashing Time’ stall to be organised and appropriate Health and Safety measures put in place. Stuart requested that the following notice be added to the website. Donations needed for this stall. Any unwanted/chipped porcelain or china plates, cups etc. Please bring to the Reading Room.

PRE-MEETING to discuss and organise this years Village Fair.

Tuesday 28th July 2015 at 7 p.m in the Reading Room.

Hilly has pre-ordered the red/green tent from Tony at the Caravan Park. Thank you

As the Reading Room now holds a Non Commercial Lottery Licence for one year a suggestion was made to sell tickets for the Duck Race prior to the event. Action: Requirements of the Licence to be checked to see if this is allowed. George to advise.

‘ Adopt a pot’ Martina agreed to produce and circulate a flyer to all residents. Jonny and Martina agreed to adopt a pot on behalf of their families. Evergreen plants and Geraniums to be used if possible. Thank you

Coming Events

Coffee Morning Saturday 11th July 2015. Hilda has offered her help, thank you. More help needed please.

Afternoon Tea Sunday 26th July 2015. Anna offered her help, thank you. More help needed please.

Constable Burton ‘Village Fair’ Sunday 30th August 2 p.m onwards.

To ensure this event takes place we are looking for volunteers to run stalls and Afternoon Tea. If you are able to offer some of your time to this event it would be appreciated. Thank you

Reading Room Committee next meeting – 11th August 2015 at 7 p.m.

The meeting closed at 7.40 p.m

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