Reading Room Minutes – 4th April 2017

Reading Room Minutes – 4th April 2017

Present: Chris, Hilly, Gerry, Kylie, Jonny, Cathy and Gillian

Apologies: Mike and Stewart


Proposal: Chris Green proposed and seconded as Proxy Chairperson.

Telephone Box: Hilly advised that she had spoken with Mr Duff regarding the telephone box and it has been confirmed that the box is to remain.

Defibrillator: Hilly advised that Trevor McDonald had spoken to David Jones (Guardian) regarding the operation of the defibrillator. Ideally a weekly visual check of the defibrillator should take place to ensure the lock is kept free to enable easy access. All that is then is then required of the AED is to check that the “rescue ready” – located top right – is showing green, if so all is well. If not ring Hilly who will arrange for it to be sorted. The other job of the Guardian is to act as Hilly’s point of contact to check that the AED has been put back.

Posts and Chains: It was decided to put this project on hold for now. Hilly is to check with Mr Duff regarding funds for other projects.

Treasurers Report: See below.


Easter Egg Hunt: Will be on Sunday 16th April with a “Guess The Big Bunny’s Name” competition. Hilly is collecting prizes. Afternoon tea will be from 2pm-5pm. Helpers for the day – Kylie, Gerry, Hill and Chris – help is required from midday please.

Coffee Morning: To be held on Saturday 15 April from 11am-1pm. Helpers are Chris, Hilly and Gillian.

Coffee Morning: To be held on Saturday 13th May from 11am-1pm. Helpers needed please!

Afternoon Tea: To be held on Sunday 28th May from 2pm-5pm. Helpers needed please!

Mediterranean Night: Will be on Saturday 10th June starting at 7pm. Menu to be discussed at next meeting.

Any Other Business: Chris to give Gillian write up re proposed emergency use of reading room.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 6th June at 7pm.

Treasurers Report – February/March 2017

Money In

£103.00 Coffee Morning

£30.00 Room Hire – Cathy

Total In = £133.00

Money Out

£15.45 Coffee morning expenses

£12.07 Yorkshire water bill

£75.00 Purchase of 50 bags of compost

£52.00 Replace damaged kitchen cupboard door

£13.30 Bag of coal

£4.07 Stationary

£6.00 Petrol

£8.99 Replacement lock for the shed

£3.60 New spark plug for the mower

Total Out = £190.48

Total for the month = £57.48 loss

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