Reading Room Minutes – 29th OCTOBER 2013


Present: Anna Corbett, Stewart Ayers, Hilly Dobson, Keith Manning and Mike Phillipson

Moira Bullen stood in for Jane Tarleton to take these minutes

Gareth Meadows was co-opted onto the Committee

Apologies: Jane Tarleton

Matters arising:

  • Grant money – the re-roofing of the toilet block and the fitting of the new wall lights and dimmer switches has been completed. The total cost was £2895.33, the grant contributed £2626.00 and the Reading Room contributes £270.00. The grant represents 90% of the total cost.

The grant was slightly less as a result of the expenditure being cheaper than the initial quote as no timber had to be replaced in the Toilet block roof.

  • Hay Meadow talk – over 20 people attended and enjoyed the evening.

  • Yorkshire Air Ambulance – a thank you letter has been received from this charity following a donation of £120.00. This was 10% of the profits from the Duck Race.

  • Queeen’s portrait – the painting has been re-mounted and newly framed which has incurred an expense of £70.00. The committee voted that the painting should be sold and the profit to go to purchasing apple trees for the car park garden as requested by the Art Group.

  • School photograph – the photograph still needs one little girl to be identified.

Treasurer’s report:

Total income £45.75

Total expenditure £1127.93

Balance £3402.15

( the balance does not include either the grant money, or the payment for the toilet roof invoice)

There was a discussion about the non-payment of £205.00 from the OCS/Fountains Group for use of the Reading Room earlier in the year. It was decided that the Treasurer will contact the OCS group yet again.

The Committee decided to revert to the system of dual signatures for operating the Reading Room bank account, authorised signatories to be any two from Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Treasurer to make necessary arrangements.

Electricity expenses:

The Treasurer is in the process of negotiating a cheaper tariff with NPower.

Halloween Party on 2 November:

There are about 7 children coming to the party from 6 – 7 o’clock. This will include games and refreshments. Anna and Hilly will organise the games and Stewart and Gareth kindly offered to put up the decorations. The adult party which was planned to follow on has been cancelled.

Ideas for Future Events:

  • Discussed the idea of having more evening talks. If they are well advertised it might draw people in from further afield. The aim is to start in January and having them once a month just in the winter and autumn months.

  • Christmas social – to be held on Friday 27 December in the afternoon and to include mulled wine/soft drinks, mince pies and a sing song using the keyboard.

  • Saturday 9 November from 11 – 1 0’clock soup and sandwiches. Hilly to organise.

  • The Reading Room needs an independent Wifi connection. The overall expense will be about £75.00 to purchase a TP Link and extras in order to fit this on an outside wall. Mike kindly offered to organise with the help of Stewart.

Next meeting: Tuesday 26 November at 7 o’clock

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