Reading Room Minutes – 26th NOVEMBER 2013




Anna, Gareth, Keith, Jane, Hilda



The previous minutes were amended to correct a name error -Jane’s name from Tarleton to Tarlton.

The minutes were then addressed as read and accepted and signed by The Chair.

Matters Arising:

  • Halloween – This had been an excellent evening, drawing in many people who are new comers to our functions. Stewart, Gareth and Hilda were all thanked for their help in organising decorations, food and the children’s games.
  • A thank you also went to Mike for the photos on the web site.
  • Soup and Rolls on November 9th was also a great success. Our thanks go to Hilda, Lesley and Sophie.
  • Wi Fi connection – The purchasing and setting up by Mike is ongoing.
  • It has been agreed to request £25 in advance for the use of the Reading Room from Gareth Meadows as a discount for the continual use of the room for his Quad bike and other outdoor trainings.

Treasurers Report:

Treasurer’s reports were circulated covering the period since 29th October.

Main expenditure – £2,400 to Martin and Jackson Builders for the toilet roof plus new lighting totalling £2,895.33

Offset by the grant from Richmondshire D.C. £2,626.00. Therefore the actual cost to the Reading room £269.33

After all costings our income for the period was £150.16 or (£2,77.16 including the grant)

Profit: £311.04

  • It would seem that additional electricity charges are due to two meters within the building. Arrangements are to be made to remove on of these.
  • Keith has supplied forms from the bank to be filled in by all the signatories in accordance with our financial stipulations.
  • OCS group have been sent a letter requesting prompt payment. Keith will inform the committee when a reply is received.

The Committee thanked Keith for his very comprehensive report.

Coming Events:

  • December 14th – coffee morning 10-12 – mince pies needed- Jane/Anna to supply some. – baking needed.
  • December 27th – Festive Friday – get together 3-5pm. Gareth/Mulled wine, Carol sheets / Hilda, Anna. – sing a long, mince pies. Mike to advertise.
  • Request for more talks. Anna to approach Dawn Webster from Kipling Hall with a view to a talk in the New Year.

Any other business:

  • The committee very much regret the unpleasant incident which arose at the Welcome Club meeting on Thursday 21st November which has been upsetting to all concerned.

The Committee member in question was not acting on behalf of the committee.

The Committee values and respects all the members of the Welcome club and hope that they will continue to enjoy the facilities of the Reading Room.

  • Mike and Sheila would like to express their huge gratitude to everyone who gave them such support this past week when their dog Aggie went missing.

This combined, fantastic response led to the safe return of little Aggie. Thank you.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING : Monday 23rd December at 7pm.

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