Reading Room Minutes – 21st January 2014




Anna, Gareth, Keith, Jane, Hilda, Mike, Stewart.

Apologies:         All present.

The minutes were then addressed as read and accepted by Hilda, seconded by Jane and signed by The Chair.

  • The December 23rd. meeting did not happen as we were unable to gather a quorum but a treasurer’s report was produced.

Matters arising:

  • Wi-Fi connection. This is ongoing and Mike continues to work through the many issues which have arisen. Thank you Mike.

  • Keith has spoken to the Electricity Board concerning the bills received. As a result of this, Anna will be contacting a local electrician to see how much it would cost to remove one of the meters, before any decisions are reached as to the way forward.

 Treasurers Report:

Treasurer’s reports were circulated covering the period 30.10.13 till 21.1.14

Closing balance £3,414.50

It has been noted that the Council grant for roofing and lighting came and went in this period.

The coffee morning on 14th December raised £29.37 after expenses.  Fun Friday 27th December and the coffee morning on the 11th. January bought in a total of £43.

Heating oil is sound and on Bar 3 for the moment.

AON Insurance has been paid – annual premium £352.91 – increase of £15.48 from last year.

Keith ended his report by stating that he intends to step down as treasurer at the AGM in March .

Thank you Keith.

Coming Events:

  • AGM  Tuesday March 18th at 7pm.

  • Penhill Painters will continue .

  • February 8th. Coffee morning . Hilda to organise.

  • February 21st – Talk on Kiplin Hall by the curator, Dawn Webster at 7pm – Anna to organise – posters are made and will be sent out in a weeks time.

  • Afternoon teas are to be started up again. Planned from April till September, 3-5pm every third Sunday in the month. Hilda.

Additions to website:

A suggestion has come in ‘to use the website for further communications’

  • Could be set up as a swap shop.

  • Portraying of news from the surrounding areas as well as from the village.

  • Expanding of ideas to become a hub within the village.

The committee thought this a very good idea, proposing to request ideas and thoughts from the village using a mixture of leaflets and the internet.

Any other business:

  • Gareth made a proposal, having investigated its viability, for the Village Green to be put to use as a camp site during the Tour De France in July.

This could be very beneficial for the village and the committee have given it lots of consideration. Mr Wyvill has given his permission.  Gareth will proceed with the relevant permissions and legalities needed. This is very early days for this idea. Full plans will be forthcoming, encompassing any worries that the village may have. Thank you Gareth for this fantastic idea.

  • Flower tubs – it is hoped to reduce and plant up soon.

  • Stewart requests a new mower – the present one has taken a battering over the past 3 years. Gareth and Stewart to investigate Sam Turners for a more solid and reliable machine.

  • Hilda raised the issue of the old and faded curtains. Kind offer of a bolt of material was given by Moira E . It was felt that the material was very good but resembled the ones that were already up and it was suggested that we look at material with a deeper, more rich and warmer colour to it – golds or reds?

     Thank you Moira for the offer.

  • A big thank you to Stewart for unblocking the main drain – not a pleasant job!

  • It has been noted that the window near the computer does not shut properly and rain is entering. Anna to ask Trevor to look at it.

  • It is proposed to move the speakers and stereo to the other side of the room. This will involve purchasing brackets. Anna to do so through Amazon.

  • 2 sacks of coal have been delivered.

  • We have had a visit from the Community Defibulation Officer – seeking permission to house one of their machines on the outside of the Reading room to be made accessible to trained personnel in the area.


Please note that Anna, Jane and Keith will be standing down at the AGM in March.

The village desperately need more people to come forward to fill these places on the committee. Without extra support the Reading room committee could fall and close all together which would be a great shame for all concerned.

Every effort is to be made to bring new faces to the committee.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING :  Tuesday 25th February at 7pm.

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