Reading Room Minutes – 1st April 2014


Constable Burton Reading Room Committtee

Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 1 April 2014


Apologies for absence: Anna, Michael and Gareth

Present: Dawn Handley, John Edington, Stewart, Cathy and Hilda

Cathy welcomed the new members, John Edington and Dawn Handley. Dawn has kindly offered to take up the position of Treasurer.

Matters arising

  • Thanks to Hilly and Cathy for the coffee morning on 8 March which raised £46

  • No further progress has been made with the purchase of the new lawn mower

  • Stewart and John will install the defibrillator at the back, on the outside wall. Dave Jones, the NHS co-ordinator, will be asked to come to the coffee morning on 12 April to familiarise us with this apparatus.

  • The Beck steps still need attention. Stewart and John will decide a plan of action

Treasurer’s Report

Due to the transition of officers, no report is available this month. Any transactions will be in the next report. Dawn had received the ledgers etc and is happy with the position

Coming Events

  • Coffee morning on 12 April. Anna to organise with another helper

Any Other Business

  • There will be a preliminary meeting on 2 April at 7pm to discuss possible events on the Tour de France weekend. This will be followed by a meeting for the whole village to discuss any proposals.

  • It was suggested that the various signs for coffee mornings etc should be revamped. Hilly will arrange this

  • Possible provision of refreshments for the Tour de France were discussed

  • New plant pots and compost will be bought, which will be planted up by volunteers for the summer months. Anna and Chris will arrange this.

  • The Queen’s portrait is still in the Gallery and for sale. Hilly has paid for the framing and will recoup the cost when it is sold.

  • The Internet connection is not up and running, but available on a temporary basis at the Friday computer class. Mike is dealing with this.

  • An update is required on the status of the second lap top

  • Penhill Painters are hoping to continue, but are looking for new members to join them. Two Mondays have been missed due to illness. They will be credited for £20. John is in contact with Mike to promote the group on the website, and has designed a poster.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 13 May at 7pm

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