Reading Room Minutes – 18th July 2017

Reading Room Minutes – Tuesday 18th July 2017

Present: Committee Members: Chris, Gerry, Gillian, Hilly, Jonnie, Kylie and Stewart

Guests: Cathy, George, Martina, Moria, and Trevor

Apologies: Mike

Working through the items on the agenda provided by Chris:

Last Meeting: Minutes of 17th June accepted as true and correct.

Protocol: Chris said he wished future meetings to be held in a more organised format. Trevor raised a point of order, he felt that at the last meeting people were not being respected or given the chance to air their views sufficiently, everyone has the right to speak and to be heard.

Action: Chris acknowledged this for future meetings.

Treasurers Report: Treasurers Report issued by Jonny followed by a brief outline of the income and outgoings of the month. See below for report.

Defibrillator: Trevor reported that the defibrillator was not working and that it had been reported. It will not be repaired in the near future due to the location of repair team, so it is now temporarily out of action. When the door of the defibrillator is opened for weekly checks please ensure it is closed, there is a large seal and the door must be pushed hard to close. Trevor is maintaining the lock and keeping it clean. Trevor wished to emphasise that in the case of an emergency that the correct protocol is taken, this means calling 999 immediately.

Action: Trevor will follow up on repair.

Right of Access Note: Unsigned Right of Access note in the notice board. We were advised by Cathy that this note is from Darcy Wyvill. Cathy also stated that the notice board actually belongs to the Parish Council. It was agreed that the board should be left unlocked and cleared of outdated flyers etc monthly.

Action: Hilly confirmed this would be done.

Donated Books: A large amount of donated books had been left in the Reading Room in boxes. Hilly was very concerned, as apart from who was going to sort them all out, there was a lack of space to store such a large volume they also potentially caused a fire hazard. Whilst the Reading Room is very grateful for all donations, quantities of this size are just too much. Cathy said they would be stored outside under a tarp and then removed to either a local charity or perhaps a book stall holder.

Action: Books to be removed by Steward with help from others before Sunday’s afternoon tea.

Table/Chair Hire: Hilly received an enquiry from Richard Selwyn-Sharp asking to hire 52 chairs and 12/14 tables for 5th August. This is a repeat hire and Hilly wanted to know what the rental charge was last year.

Action: Jonny to let Hilly know what rental charge was last year. Hilly to confirm dates.

Change of Meeting Day: A possible thought to change the day of meeting to allow all committee members to attend. Decided this was not necessary. Note: the Committee Meetings are open for all to attend.

Summer Fair: It was decided to hold a separate meeting to discuss the fair.

Action: Meeting to be held 1st August.

Security in the Village: A guest to the meeting reported that various items had been taken from their shed on the 26th May (Bank Holiday weekend), the police have been notified. A committee member also reported a significant burglary at their house, also on 26th May. Please be vigilant of anyone or any thing that seems suspicious.

Action: All residents please ensure doors and windows are locked when your property is empty and that all outbuildings are padlocked.

AOB: Cathy reported that PAT testing had been done on electric appliances and that the security light had also been fixed.

The repair of the shed roof in the Reading Room car park as been outstanding for too long. Steward said he knew what was required to sort.

Action: Steward to measure up and order materials, Trevor said he would be available to collect them from suppliers.

Martina raised the subject of the sign for the car park and wanted to know if this was going ahead? Chris read out a list of objections/problems that opening the car park to visitors could have – after discussion the general opinion was that opening the car park to visitors would not be a problem, however the ramp to the car park needs attention as low cars would hit the road. Martina also spoke about embracing the village community and the need to welcome visitors to the village both to walk locally and also to come along to our tea/coffee days, again it was agreed that this is what the village wanted.

A lengthy, and at times, heated discussion followed regarding car parking within the Village, notably opposite the Village Green on the cobbles and the legality of the no parking signs. Chris said that the cobbles were a pathway not to be parked on and that a police woman from Leyburn also stated this. Long standing residents of the village said that the cobbled area actually used to be grass and that due to the increase of large farm vehicles using the road the grass was replaced with cobbles to widen the road and that the council said both the road and cobbles were classed as “highway”. Moira reported that “Chris had objected to attendees at the yoga class held in the Reading Room parking in the car park as he was expecting a delivery”, Chris denied this saying he had asked a vehicle that was blocking his rear access gate to give him space from his gate as he was expecting a large delivery that day. Moira, feeling upset, left the meeting at this point.

Gillian read out a letter given to her at the meeting written by John Edington in response to a letter by Chris dated 18th July which in turn was in response to a letter by John dated 25th June. Both letters were delivered to committee members and were primarily regarding car parking issues and signage in the village. Chris apologised for the tone of his letter and said it was written in haste and anger and regretted it. Chris offered to stand down as Proxy Chair which was not accepted at the meeting.

Action: Car park signs to go ahead but only after the ramp problems are attended to. Car park also to be mentioned on the website, but again not until ramp repair. Could John go ahead with his offer of providing the signs please.

Date of Next Meeting: 1st August to discuss Summer Fair, next Committee Meeting will be 12th September.

Treasurers Report – June 2017

Money In

£184.60 Mediterranean Supper Evening

£120.00 Room Hire – Election 4th May

£120.00 Room Hire – Election 8th June

£150.00 Compost Sales

£50.95 June Afternoon Tea

£38.00 July Coffee Morning

Total In = £663.55

Money Out

£145.00 Supper Evening Expenses

£7.98 New keys cut

£20.00 Lottery licence renewal

£13.30 2 bags of coal

£6.00 Petrol

£16.45 June afternoon tea expenses

£230.31 Npower bill

Total out = £439.04

Total for the month = £224.51 Profit

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