Reading Room Minutes – 15th July 2014

Constable Burton Reading Room committee

Minutes of meeting 15 July 2014

Apologies John, Stewart and Mike

Present Cathy, Dawn, Anna, and Hilda. Moira E to represent John

Matters arising

  • Lawn mower – no news yet on the grant application

  • Dave Jones from Yorkshire Ambulance gave a very helpful demonstration on First Aid, including CPR, and explained how to use the defibrillator. This was not well attended, partly due to some people being away. Moira Edington will ask Peter, the paramedic at Leyburn Medical Practice, if we would give another demonstration at some future date.

Treasurer’s report

Income received included £37.50 from the June Coffee morning, £71.40 from the June Afternoon Tea, and £26.40 from the July Coffee morning. Further expenses were paid for flowers for the village pots and petrol for the lawn mower.

We will receive £85.95 from Richmondshire DC from the TdeF fund. This will be distributed to Mike Phillipson, Hilda Dobson and Rebekah for the expenses they have incurred in our TdeF event. The Reading Room has contributed £15 towards the costs of this event.

Dawn proposed that we should change to an online bank account. Agreed. She also expressed her concern that expenses claims were rather haphazard, and it was difficult to keep a proper record suitable for the annual audit. She will design a standard form for expenses claims.

The closing balance is over £2000.

Tour de France

It was agreed that we would buy various items which were not used eg paper plates, foil etc for £48. We would charge £20 for the use of the Reading Room for the day.

Coming Events

  • Afternoon Tea – July 27

  • Coffee morning – August 9

  • Duck Race and Summer Fair – on Sunday 17 August.

  • Afternoon Tea – August 31

Any other business

  • Dawn will redesign the Menu cards, with details about booking the Reading Room on the reverse

  • The Fair meeting planned for 21 July was moved to 29 July

  • John agreed to keep the grass cut in the car park

  • Stewart has caught two moles on the Green. If they increase the estate will be asked to deal with them

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 5 August at 7.30pm


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