Reading Room Minutes – 14th October 2014

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee
Minutes of October 14th

Apologies: John, Anna.
Present: Cathy,Hilly,Stewart,Mike,Dawn and Moy.

Matters arising:

Coffee morning:13 September very quiet but takings of £46.Table top sale for Hauxwell Church was well attended and raised well over £100 details will be in Roundabout they were pleased with the hall and left us some books and puzzles.

The chimney has been swept thank you Stewart; so ready for winter use. The heating has been giving a few hiccups recently and is booked for a service.

October coffee morning was cancelled as there was no one available to run it. If anyone would like to help anytime ie in running a coffee morning please let us know.

We hired out the old tables for a christening on the 5th October for £30.

Margaret Topliss has been in touch and the artists are meeting on Monday 20th October 10-12

Treasures Report:
Money in: Room Hire £35 Moira, £7-50 PC, Table hire £30,Coffee Morning £46 Total £118.50 Outgoings: Water Electric, Rent & Expenses total of£97.68. Not a lot of movement this month Bank balance very healthy.

Coming Events:

Coffee Morning : Saturday8th November

Supper evening in November date to be arranged

Halloween Supper and Childrens party pm :Friday 31′ October. Childrens starting at 4.30 games and buns featuring chocolate ping pong game, pumpkin competition, costume competition, children party probably finishing around 6pm. Adult evening starting around 7.30 featuring hot food and dangerous games/ quiz ,murder mystery . Food Moy E :Chilli beef, Cathy : Chicken casserole,Hilly:Meat and potato hash pie ,Mike: jacket potatoes, Dawn: Parkin, Cheesecake. Hilly: Ginger pudding. Anna : Pudding,Moy to get apples for dunking. Tickets for adult evening will be £5 available from Hilly or Cathy or Mike please let us know for catering if you would like to come preferably by the 27th see website for more information. We will be decorating hall on Wednesday before Halloween

Any other business:

Still waiting for news of new lawnmower probably have more info when Anna returns.

Date of next Meeting: To be arranged

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