Reading Room Minutes – 14th April 2015

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 14th April 2015


Cathy Ayers, Stewart Ayers, Anna Corbett, Hilda Dobson, Michael Phillipson, Jonny Handley and Martina Miller

Matters arising from the previous meeting held on 3 February 2015

    • The Green. Keith and Simon Loadman made a visit to assess the ground. A decision was made at that time that conditions were still too wet for any infill work to be undertaken by using machinery. Rob advised Cathy that he would come back to infill the trenches – no date given. It was agreed the Committee would arrange a ‘Final Dig’ event on Saturday 25th April anytime between 9 a.m – 2 p.m in the hope that volunteers would help infill. Thank you to Hilly for rallying round the following residents:
      • Hilda Dobson
      • Anna and Chris Corbett
      • Terry Marshall
      • John Edington
      • George Tomlin
      • Stewart Ayers
      • Mr T Duff & Mrs R Duff
      • Martina Miller

Thank you to all residents that have already given their time.

Action: Martina to do publicity

      • Yoga Classes have booked a further 5 sessions to hire the Reading Room after the Easter Break to 12 May 2015. A booking form has been completed and added to the Reading Room Calendar.
      • Coffee morning 14th February – Valentines Day eventThis event was a success and enjoyed by many. Thank you to all helpers.

Treasurers Report

March 2015

Money in

£26.00 Supper Evening
£133.28 Easter Event (Afternoon Tea/Tombola)
£60.51 Coffee Morning
£60.00 Room Hire – Penhill Painters

TOTAL IN = £279.79

Money Out

£50.37 Repairs to Reading Room entrance
£7.00 Petrol
£2.50 Rent
£330.00 Boiler Service and Repairs
£93.74 Npower Electric Bill
£42.48 Easter Event Expenses
£13.11 Coffee Morning Expenses

TOTAL OUT = £539.20


Recent Events:

Afternoon Tea and Easter Egg Hunt – Sunday 5th April. This event was a huge success and well attended (11 children and 1 baby). Big thank you to Hilda Dobson who made the event lively and exciting for the children. The results of the Easter Egg Hunt were as follows:

Prize won
Matthew HallRabbit
Jasmine HallBracelet
Evie HallWhite Rabbit

Thank you to the Posthorn Tea Room and Cafe who donated a Tea for 2. This prize was won by Arthur, Jordan and Olivia Handley.

Thank you to Bryman Icecream parlour who donated 2 icecream sundaes. This prize was won by Thea Thompson for being the winner of the Egg Hunt and Egg Rolling.

Thank you to Cathy for donating the cuddly penguin.

Other winners: Liam Knight, Bella Connerley, Emily (visiting from E/Sussex).

Thank you to Mike Phillipson for arranging the photos on the village website.

Thank you to helpers Margaret Topliss with the Afternoon Tea Party.

Coffee Morning – Saturday 11th April 2015 – this event was well attended. Thanks to Hilly, Anna and Martina.

Coming Events –

Coffee Morning Saturday 9th May 2015

(helpers Hilly/Martina)

Afternoon Tea Sunday 24th May 2015

(helpers Hilly/Anna)

Hilly agreed to organise additional helpers for these events. Hilly to ask Dawn Handley if she could supply some of her wonderful plain/fruit scones for the Afternoon Tea.

Any Other Business

Reading Room Signage – a discussion took place on current/new signage for the Reading Room and surrounding Village areas.

It was agreed that Hilly/Martina would contact local printers to obtain quotes for the following new signs with the possibility of some sponsorship.




10 a.m – 12 noon




2 p.m – 5 p.m







Children Playing

Anna offered to contact the Highways Department to investigate the possibility of some free traffic calming signage.

      • Theme Night/Supper Night arranged for Saturday 16 May (further details to come)Hilly agreed to find out what residents would prefer eg. A Quiz night?

Reading Room Hire

7th May – Richmondshire Council to use the Reading Room as a Polling Station

(ramp to be made available)

Cathy and Anna raised concerns that previously notices etc had been attached to the internal walls and had left marks. It was agreed that no blue tac/sellotape etc be used and any signage would be put on blackboards/noticeboards to prevent any damage. This was relevant to the Polling Day specifically and they did follow our wishes last year.

June 28th 2015 – Christening (Cathy to provide further details. Gavin had requested access to the Reading Room the day before to set up) which we have no objections to.

Entrance Railing

Stewart Ayers reported that the entrance railing has been hit by a vehicle of some kind and bent it substantially. Pieces of broken headlamp casing was scattered close by. Stewart offered to look at the railing with a view to repair.

Reading Room Noticeboard

Martina asked if a pinboard could be fixed to the inside of the Noticeboard to make displaying and removing publicity easier. Anna agreed to ask the Parish Council for permission.

Village Pots and planting

Thank you to all residents who work tirelessly to keep the Village welcoming and cared for.

It was agreed that publicity should be circulated to all residents inviting them to ‘adopt a pot’. Donations to be given to the Reading Room to purchase plants/bulbs or the adopter could purchase and plant the pot themselves. It was further agreed that this would be by way of donations only as no further funding could be made available to purchase plants.

Action: Martina do provide publicity

Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 12th May 2015 at 7 p.m

The meeting closed at 8.30 p.m

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