Reading Room Minutes – 13th September 2016

Minutes of meeting 13th September 2016, 7 p.m.

Present: Stewart Ayers, Cathy Ayers, Hilda Dobson, Martina Miller, Jean Knights, Jonny Handley and Gerry Hannah

Apologies: Mike Phillipson and Chris Green

Matters Arising

On-going items

Reading Room Outdoor Storage

Village Traffic ACTION Hilda raised concerns at the recent Parish Council Meeting and will report back in due course.

Wildflower BedThe Green (this area can now be cleared of weeds and seeded in Autumn 2016). Trevor to be advised that work can start anytime from here onwards.

Reading Room Damage to Floor

Cathy requested that a quote be obtained to replace vinyl over new flooring. Stewart has the new skirting board and will refit.

Internet – Thank you Mike for organising the re-connection of the Internet via a 3G mobile signal. We now have 12 gbyte of data use for the next 12 months which is more than enough. All residents to be offered regular access to the Reading Room to make use of this facility. Hilda requested that the second laptop be setup allowing the use of 2 users at the same time. Action: Mike to organise in due course. Thank you

Grounds Maintenance – Thanks to everyone who helped tidy up The Green and clear The Beck prior to the Village Fair.

Wooden Planters for the Village – Following a discussion, Jonny agreed to make a solid wooden planter for the Committee to approve along with additional planters made and located throughout the village. Action: Jonny

Treasurers Report

Treasurers Report – August 2016

Money In

£120.00 – Room Hire Richmond District Council (Elections)

£858.80 – Village Fair/Afternoon Tea

TOTAL IN = £978.80

Money Out

£30.00 – H E Woolley Fire safety check

£110.13 – Village Fair Expenses

TOTAL OUT = £140.13


  • August coffee morning was cancelled so no income to show.
  • Thank you to Martina for covering my duties during the village fair and ensuring all of the money was collected and banked.
  • There will be some additional expenses from the village fair from Moira, so I will get these and update the sheet with the total raised. We can then make a decision on how much money we will donate to charity.
  • Audit of accounts still to be received. Jonny agreed to chase up.

Following a discussion it was agreed that a donation of £100 be made payable to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service. Information to be made available to residents in the Noticeboard. Martina agreed to inform the D&S of donation and to give thanks for all the generous donations of gifts and prizes for the village fair. Hilly to advise Martina on businesses that donated.

Oil Drum BBQ

Stewart advised that this item had not been used for such a long time and due to its condition should be disposed of along with any other rubbish/debris at the rear of the Reading Room. Stewart agreed to organise. Thanks

Shed Roof – ongoing

Coffee Morning Saturday 10th September – thanks to Hilda and Jean and all helpers and cake donations.

Dates for your Diary

Final Afternoon Tea for the year due to be held on Sunday 25th September, 2 p.m – 5 p.m. Cake donations and helpers please.

Coffee Morning – Saturday 8th October 2016, 10 a.m – 12 noon

VILLAGE FAIR 2016 Feedback

Huge thank you to all residents and family members and friends who came along to support our fair. We were delighted to have the Betty Lupton’s Ladle Laikers Morris Dance Team join us and provide free entertainment which was enjoyed by all and gave our fair a traditional atmosphere. A contribution to the Air Ambulance on their behalf was agreed along with free tea and cake from our wonderful bakers sealed the deal.

Further thanks to Tony from the Caravan Park for the loan of the Big Red Tent and Keith Loadman for the bales of straw. Hilda and relatives who arranged most of the prizes, gifts and shopping for the fair and not forgetting the well managed Duck Races. We could not have managed it without Hilly who is our Duck Race master.

Many residents gave up most of the day to serving at the Afternoon tea, running stalls, fund raised and went out of their way to ensure everyone had a good time. Thanks to Derek and Jean Knights who made the stocks and the buzz game, our superb and loyal cake bakers, Darcy Wyvill for hosting the prize giving, Helen who donated the foldable Raleigh Bike which raised an amazing £101 at auction, Trevor for covering the BBQ, Dave for being in the stocks and got very wet (see photos on website), Alison, George, Stewart, Chris and Dave for their support during the Duck Races, Hilly for allowing access to her property during the duck races, Mavis and Cathy for the Tombola, Gerry for the Tin Can Alley, Moira and relatives for the Scarecrow trail, John for the photos for the website, Anne for the ticket sales, Mal on the Pimms Stall, Phoebe for donating some toys and prizes, Jean, Joan and Jane and all Afternoon Tea helpers, Tom for plant donations and cakes, and anyone else that helped make the day a success. Big Thank you to you all your support is invaluable. We saw some highly creative homemade scarecrows. Well Done.

Thanks to Spennithorne School for loaning their ducks for the races. A £10 donation was agreed and sent to the school.

Health and Safety

Cathy advised the committee that the Hall had recently met with an informal advisory from Health and Safety on food preparation and hygiene. Cathy further advised that as we sell produce at Coffee morning and Afternoon Teas we would fall under this umbrella and subject to inspections. A discussion took place and no immediate concerns were raised.

Handrails to be fitted to the wall adjacent to the stairs as a matter of priority.


Art Group to reconvene. Margaret Topliss has organised for the Art group to meet once a week starting on Monday 3rd October 10 a.m – 12 noon in the Reading Room at a charge of £10 for the hire.

Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 11th October 2016, 7 p.m

Meeting closed at 8.10 p.m

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