Reading Room Minutes – 13th May 2014


Constable Burton Reading Room committee

Minutes of meeting 13 May 2014

Apologies Gareth, John

Present Cathy, Dawn, Anna, Mike, Stewart and Hilda

Matters arising

  • Lawn mower – probable cost £400 to £500. Anna will ask Parish Council for grant application

  • Beck steps – have been cleared and some planting to support the bank. Some further support needed

  • Coffee morning on 12 April made a profit of £6

  • Afternoon Tea signs – Hilly has their repainting in hand

  • Plant pots – Jean Knights, Julia Cardy, Moira Bullen and Anna have planted pots which they will be responsible for

Treasurer’s report

There had been excess expenditure over income this month. The completed mandate has been sent to the bank. There are now three signatories for the bank account, two of which are required on a cheque.


An estimate had been received from Belectrics to fit a power socket in the lobby and a sensor light – £125 – £70 labour and £55 parts.

It was decided, however, to reduce the cost by merely extending the cable to an existing power socket, and replace the standard bulb with a sensor bulb. Trevor will be asked to investigate and to provide an estimate for parts and labour. He will also be asked to plane the inner door, and fit a key code lock.

Coffee morning

A profit of £43 was made on the 10 May. Many thanks to Dawn, Olivia and Ann

Coming Events

  • Coffee morning – June 14 – Hilly and Moira E in charge

  • Afternoon Tea – May 25 – Ann B, Cathy, Dawn, Moya, Alistair and Moira. Cathy has asked Margaret Topliss if she is available

  • Spring supper – Friday 20 June at 7.30pm. A “Bring your Own” event. People will be asked to tell either Hilly or Cathy if they are coming, with numbers.

  • Duck Race and Summer Fair – on Sunday 17 August. A change due to Hilly being unavailable on Bank holiday weekend

  • Afternoon Tea – June 29 – Dawn and Anna (to be confirmed)

Any other business

  • Ashfield Close will use the village lawn mower, making a contribution to petrol

  • Mike will consult with John on accessing an internet connection in the Reading Room

  • Becky Duff will borrow the chairs and crockery for a tea in aid of Cancer Research. It was decided that, in future, we will charge for hire for private parties but not for charities. Charges are to be decided.

  • A letter was received from Rita Terry thanking us for lending the crockery for the Tulip Festival.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 10 June at 7pm



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