Reading Room Minutes – 13th December 2016

Minutes of 13th December 2016

Present: Stuart, Mike, Chris, Jonny, Gerry, Cathy, Hilly, Kylie
Committee welcomed Kylie to her 1st meeting

Matters arising: Gerry still looking into funding for the art group and will contact Margaret Topliss with ideas. Committee hopes to get together with art group to help with future bookings and get new members to join.

Mike reported internet use has been low – so plenty of megabits left. His next session for help with your computer problems is on Friday the 16 December 2-3pm

Flower tubs: No costing has been done. Kylie would ask Gavin about making some he has done some for himself. Chris brought up a suggestion of possible replacement of tubs with posts and chains this idea will be looked into further.

Treasures report: See attached sheet details to follow as Jonny’s printer not working!

Forthcoming events: Sunday afternoon tea on the 18. December 3-5pm FREE mince pie, cakes and a raffle donations gratefully accepted of prizes and cakes.

No New Years Eve party but having Chinese New Year party as last years was such a hit. So put the date of the 28. January in your Diary! Its the Year of the Cockerel. Cost will be £6.50, and on Saturday night @7pm

Any other business: Phone box – discussing the removal of same and ways to keep it depends on what the outcome of a council meeting taking place that evening on the subject. Hilly will report and update.

Chris brought up the walk on website around the local area and would like the wording altered to deter people parking outside the reading room and near his property we said we would make it clear to visitors that they can use the car park to the rear of the reading room alleviating any congestion in front of his property. Also a Car Park sign will be put on gate or wall of reading room.

Jonny informed booking for elections on 4th May

Joan Hainsworth has given dates for Parish Council meetings for booking hall 14th Feb, 16th May, 15th Aug & 14th Nov.

Date of next meeting: Tue 17th January 7pm to discuss Chinese New Year Tue 14. February 7pm committee meeting

Merry Christmas

Thank you for supporting us

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