Reading Room Minutes – 12th September 2017

Reading Room Committee Meeting

Minutes for 12.9.2019.

Persons present: Chris, Hilly, Stuart, Kylie, Jonnie.

Apologies: Gerry, Gillian, Mike.

Review of village fete:

The overall view was that this event was a real success and thanks went out to all the people that made the event happen. The weather was kind to us on the day.

George stated that he thought that the prices for the Hook a Duck and Net a Duck were too expensive. This to be reviewed.

This event would be reviewed for next year’s fete.

A suggestion was made to obtain a one day licence to sell beer and alcohol on the day of the fete. Some members were cautious in that the fete is mainly a family and children’s event and that they didn’t wish to deal with drunken people.

Others felt that on this occasion, with the weather being so hot that refreshing cold drinks could be available even if it was from cans or bottles, and that there was potential to make profit on this idea. This again was to be reviewed for next year’s fete.

Our appreciation was made to Mike for the excellent photos that he took, and the professional website now shown on line which captured the atmosphere for the day. Trevor’s efforts were also recognized for standing most of the day cooking food on the BBQ.


Air Ambulance donation:

A question was raised asking how much should be given to the Air Ambulance. It was decided that we should look at our own funds at the end of the year and then decide how much should be given to the Air Ambulance.


Shed roof:

It was stated that the shed roof was still leaking and needed repairing. Stuart said that he would obtain a quote from Tim Moss. Chris said that depending on that quote – if it was too expensive that he would repair the roof for the cost of the materials alone.


Room Hire:

The Village Hall room hire for future events stood at: £70 for Eva Stone and £50 for the Art Group.

Also £50 Mrs Butler, Mr Hull previously passed on cash to Jonny.



The annual Halloween event would take place on Tuesday 31st October. It was stated that a flyer needed to be sent out around the village requesting that any residents that wanted the children to call at their house should display a pumkin outside their house. Flyers to be posted throughout the village – to be decided at the next Committee Meeting.

It was decided that the food in the Village Hall for Halloween would consist of pizza / sausage rolls /hotdogs / snacks and drinks only and not a supper evening this year.

The monies saved on this could be spent on a supper evening for Games Night later in the year.

Treasurer’s Report:

To be discussed.


Stuart mention the floor joists in the Reading Room. Tim Moss to look at the shed roof at the same time.

The Committee wished Stuart a happy birthday as this meeting was in fact his birthday.

Chris reminded the Committee that some time ago he had suggested that a ‘Reading Room’ sign be made for the front door as most people who are looking for the Reading do not look up and see the engraved stone above the doorframe. Chris had coloured in the letters and varnished the sign. Approval was given for it to used. (It has since been secured to the front door).

Patrick Brompton asked for more support for ‘tray bakes’ please.

The Coffee Mornings would be held on the 2nd Saturday of the month and as such the next two Coffee Mornings will be: 11th November. There will be two winter warmer soups – Moy and Hilly.

Date of the next Committee Meeting: 14th November.

One thought on “Reading Room Minutes – 12th September 2017

  1. George Tomlin

    Monies raised at the village fete were for the Reading Room and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. I think that a donation to the air ambulance should have been made now with no question of a delay. I feel uncomfortable that this has not happened yet.
    George Tomlin


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