Reading Room Minutes – 12th May 2015

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 12th May 2015

Present: Cathy Ayers, Anna Corbett, Hilda Dobson, Jonny Handley and Martina Miller

Apologies were received from Mike Phillipson and Stewart Ayers

Matters arising from the previous meeting held on 14th April 2015.

  • The Green ‘Final Dig’ event, Saturday 25th April had been well attended and a great success. The area has been rolled and seeded. Big thank you to all helpers and Keith Loadman’s team. Some small stones remain and require removal as and when volunteers have time. Special thanks to Hilly for providing the refreshments.
  • Yoga Classes have ended and will resume after the Summer. A 10 week class was proposed from 15th September (5 weeks – one week off for Half term – 5 weeks).
  • Coffee morning Saturday 9th May 2015 was enjoyed by many due to continued support from residents. Thanks to helpers.

Treasurers Report – April 2015

Money In

£54.70 Coffee Morning (after expenses)

£45.00 Room Hire Yoga Class

£7.50 Room Hire – Parish Council Meeting

TOTAL IN = £107.20

Money Out

£28.99 Yorkshire Water 1st Qtr. Charge

TOTAL OUT = £28.99

TOTAL FOR THE MONTH = £78.21 Profit

Bank Balance as of 27th April is £2333.31

* Payment due in from Polling Station Room Hire on 7th May

Coming Events:

  • Pie and Peas Supper Quiz and Raffle Saturday 16th May 2015 at 7.30 p.m. Publicity done and advertised on website.

A discussion took place on the event and the following was agreed. Friday 15th May 5.30 p.m set up Reading Room. Volunteers needed. Food Preparation – Hilly Meat pie and pudding, Anna vegetarian/gluten free pie, Cathy Chicken/Leek pie, Dawn Chocolate Fudge Cake and Martina New potatoes. Hilly advised that other dishes/puddings would be cooked and donated by residents.

Special thanks to Dawn Handley for donating back her prize ‘Tea for 2 at the Posthorn Cafe’ she recently won at the Easter event.

Mike Phillipson had received a request from Gillian and Ian Carss (soon to be new residents) who wish to attend.

  • Afternoon Tea Sunday 24th may 2015, 2 p.m – 5 p.m. Hilly and Anna + volunteers

It was agreed that signage for Afternoon Tea should go up on the Monday before event. Anna agreed to email Mike to advertise on website new time 2 p.m – 5 p.m. Reading Room and Noticeboard publicity done.

Hilly offered to bake and donate a Victoria Sponge cake

Anne Bodman to bake and donate a cake

Dawn Handley to bake and provide her wonderful scones

Due to previous requests – there is now decaff tea and coffee available

Reading Room Signage

It was noted that quotations for new signage still to be obtained.

Reading Room Hire

Polling Station 7th May 2015. Room Hire successful and no damage made by any signage.

Entrance Railing

Hilly advised that Derek Knights had offered to repair the railing using a heating iron and this was agreed.

Reading Room Noticeboard

Permission given for a pinboard to be fixed to Noticeboard. Hilly agreed to varnish Cabinet. Special thanks to Stuart Ayers for his continued support maintaining Notice board and Reading Room.

Village Pots and Planting

Following a discussion it was agreed that ‘Adopt a Pot’ publicity would be circulated to all residents and advertised on the website from June 2015. Martina to action.

Any Other Business

Bench by Bus Stop – Anna advised that this bench (donated by the station) was in need of repair. Derek Knights had offered to repair/repaint at a cost of £80. Action: Anna to ask Parish Council for a £40 donation. It was agreed that any shortfall would be met by the Reading Room.

Hilly advised that a picnic bench had been damaged whilst the Green was being rolled and seeded. Keith Loadman agreed to repair.

Anna informed the meeting that an inquiry had been made from Hauxwell Parish as to the possibility of a Bistro night being held at the Reading Room to raise funds for the church. Further information to be obtained and discussed. No decision made to date.

Special thanks was given to Stuart Ayers for painting the Reading Room Entrance Door and fixing door hook.

Jonny enquired as to the possibility of the Reading Room holding a Summer BBQ on a Saturday afternoon in July or August. Such an event would allow for more families to attend. Following a brief discussion it was agreed and would be added to coming events. Publicity and organisation of event to be arranged.

The meeting closed at 8.10 p.m

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 9th June 2015 at 7 p.m

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