Reading Room Minutes – 12th July 2016

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 12th July 2016

Present: Stewart and Cathy Ayers, Martina Miller, Jean Knights, Jonny Handley and Gerry Hannah

Apologies: Mike Phillipson, Hilda Dobson and Chris Green

Matters Arising

On-going items

Reading Room Outdoor Storage

Village Traffic – HGV drivers continue to ignore the low bridge sign and therefore have difficulty exiting the village. Three flower pots on the Green have been destroyed this month and continual damage to grass verges. Hilda kindly agreed to raise at the next Parish Council Meeting. Larger signs to be located on both sides of A684 warning HGVs low bridge. This work had been previously raised and agreed at Parish Council. Urgent Action Needed

Wildflower Bed – The Green (this area can be cleared of weeds and seeded in Autumn 2016) Helpers needed please.

Reading Room Damage to Floor

The repairs to the floor has now been completed by Tim Moss. All damaged beams have been replaced and existing wood treated. Some vents have been added with a view to additional vents being added at the end of the gable in the near future. This work will be funded from the Reading Room Committee budget. Invoice due in soon. It is hoped that a contribution will be made by Mr Wyvill towards the repairs. Any future work will be passed to the Insurance Company to assess. Thanks to Tim Moss for his assistance and Stewart for helping out in the evenings, till late. Stewart advised that roots from a mature Fig Tree in the adjoining garden are prominent within the beams and woodwork under the flooring. This may cause damage in the future. Property owner to be advised accordingly.

Internet – Action: Mike to investigate best way forward in obtaining a permanent Internet Service to the Reading Room.

A Right Royal Do” Tea Party and Sports day to celebrate Queen’s 90th Birthday held on Saturday 11th June 2016

Thank you to all helpers on the day and all the pre-event organisation. Sadly, this event was not well attended.

Saturday 9th July 2016 – Coffee morning

Sunday 26th June 2016 – Afternoon Tea Thanks to Hilly and Jean for running this event and all the cake donations.

Treasurers Report

Treasurers Report – June 2016

Money In

£17.00 – Donations from Queens 90th Birthday

£10.00 – Donation from Mrs Duff

£63.43 – Afternoon Tea

TOTAL IN = £90.43

Money Out

£13.00 – Petrol

£94.26 – Npower Bill

£20.00 – Lottery Licence Renewal

£7.00 – Queens Birthday Expenses

TOTAL OUT = £134.26


ACTION: Copy of end of year 2015/16 audited accounts to be made available to all committee members

£120.00 – Richmond District Council Room Hire (Due in)


Thanks to Stewart for cutting the Reading Room Hedge.

There are numerous on-going garden maintenance jobs to ensure the Green and Reading Room landscaping is kept presentable. Stewart has carried out most of this work until now. Due to other commitments, he is unable to complete all future tasks – happy to help out as and when he can. Thank you for all your help over the years.

Our village has its own petrol lawnmower and strimmer which is available for residents to use (not to be used for private work). Keys to the shed to be made available to all committee members. If you are able to share the work load your help is very much appreciated. Grass to the rear of the Reading Room is overgrown and needs urgent attention. The Green is regularly cut by staff from the Estate. Grass around play equipment, benches and trees left and needs attention.

Thanks to Ruth Gamble for the eye-catching pots outside the Reading Room. Thanks to all donations for flower pots. Evergreen plants are now needed please.

Martina asked if larger planters could be purchased from funds raised by the Committee and located along the Green opposite the Reading Room. Quotes to be obtained of suitable robust planters and considered at next meeting. Plants to be donated by residents.

Future Events

Saturday 13th August 2016 – Coffee Morning 10 – 12

Please can we have cake donations and help on the day, thanks

Sunday 28th August VILLAGE FAIR and Scarecrow Trail.

******Committee meeting due to be held on Tuesday 9th August to organise Fair. 7 p.m All Welcome******

URGENT REMINDERS To all residents

If you are happy to make/display a scarecrow for this year’s event please advise Cathy or Moira of your design and clues for where it will be located. We can then add your scarecrow to the map.

DUCK RACE – Tickets are being sold


An urgent safety matter has been reported. The bottom two steps leading down into the Beck have rotted away. Stewart is due to provide details on what materials we need in to order to build two new steps. The gravel needs topping up to all steps. Once materials have been delivered Stewart needs help to build the steps and infill them. Please let him know if you’re happy to lend a hand. The Duck Race can only proceed if this work is carried out!! In the event that Races are cancelled, your ticket money will be refunded. We hope this will not be necessary.

Date of next meeting: We can only continue with village events with your support. Please come along and join your village committee.

Tuesday 9th August 2016, 7 p.m Main agenda item – Village Fair 2016

Meeting closed at 8.10 p.m

One thought on “Reading Room Minutes – 12th July 2016

  1. Chris Green

    Hello Mike, With regard to the Fig Plant in my garden of which the roots have infiltrated into the Reading Room, Stuart has informed me of this and I have already sprayed this plant with weed killer and the leaves are already dropping showing that the plant is now dying. I will keep you updated.

    I have build up a platform in the river at the bottom of the steps. Previously there was a 2ft drop directly into stream. I have built up a platform of large stones and emptied 3 bags of cement into them to hopefully make it a permanent feature. ( I have to see Jonnie for a refund of £7.28 for each of the 3 bags of cement). This will give resident and visitors a base location to access the stream if need be.

    I will have a scarecrow at my house leaning out of the upper window.

    I have strimmed the grass at the back of the Reading Room car park. I am currently suffering from ‘tennis elbow’and have been told my my doctor to rest it as much as possible, so if we can get somebody to rake off the cut grass I will give it a second strim which will also require raking off.

    Kind regards


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