Reading Room Minutes – 12th April 2016

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 12th April 2016

Present: Stewart and Cathy Ayers, Jonny Handley, Hilda Dobson, Mike Phillipson, Martina Miller and Gerry Hannah

Apologies: None received

In attendance: Chris Green, Jean Knight and Ruth Gamble were welcomed to the meeting.

Chris expressed his interest to join the committee. Martina Miller proposed that Chris become a committee member with immediate effect and this was seconded by Stewart Ayers.

Ruth Gamble submitted her letter to Martina to read out as Secretary. The main area of concern raised by Ruth – the recent fly tipping of garden waste and builders waste that has appeared down by the Beck on The Green. It appears the waste has covered some wild flowers causing them not to flower this year. ACTION: Committee to investigate further.

Jean Knight submitted her letter to Martina to read out as Secretary. The main area of concern raised by Jean – a large Builders Bag of soil has been left by fence to the rear of No 2 Mill Lane. Jonny advised that this had been an oversight after completing a garden project. After a brief discussion Committee members advised they were happy to assist Jonny if needed.

Reading Room Outdoor Storage

Repairs to the roof on external storage is still outstanding. It was suggested that repairs be carried out early Summer. Galvanised Plastic coated Zinc Roof sheeting to be priced up from Myers.

Stewart suggested we rent a mini skip or similar to dispose of old roofing along with many other items of rubbish/unused items that are being stored in the car park area. Jonny recommended that a ‘Village clean up’ event be organised at the same time as works to shed roof. A Truck can be booked to collect all items for disposal.

ACTION: Date to be agreed / Roofing material to be sourced and purchased.

Village Traffic Issues

Due to ongoing refurbishments to two properties in the village, large delivery vehicles are arriving most days and at times have damaged grass verges. Some larger HGV’s have tried to make deliveries to Sun Hill and due to the low bridge have had to reverse and make a U-turn. Residents lawns and public highways have been damaged.

ACTION: Hilly agreed to contact Sun Hill owners on issues – deliveries to be asked to use a different route (do not rely on Sat Nav information). Hilly to report back. The committee agreed that concerns should be put in writing, if necessary. Highways to contacted to request a road sign be erected warning of the low bridge hazard.

Wildflower Bed – The Green

Wildflower seeds will now be scattered over the existing round flower bed that already has wild flowers growing. Help from residents would be appreciated. Thank you to Tom for his donation of seeds, they will be put to good use. Watch this space. Residents can donate any spare perennial plants/shrubs to be used on The Green. Residents to be consulted on the possibility of entering competitions such as ‘Village in Bloom’. If desirable a schedule to be drawn up and circulated as to what is required. This agenda item to be revisited.

Gerry informed the meeting that grants can be applied for from the Wildlife Trust to support villages in creating areas of conservation/wildlife. To be researched and reported back to Committee. ACTION: All members to actively research

Constitution for Committee

Cathy had sought advice from Stuart Hall. Any amendments put forward by the committee to be put in writing and sent to all trustees for approval. Martina has sent a copy of the latest version 2004 to all committee members to review and bring suggested amendments to the next meeting.


Current passcode for box does not function. Since the meeting Martina has spoken to Trevor who is no longer a First Responder. Trevor agreed to look into passcode error.

Reading Room Hire

A discussion took place on the need to increase room hire and it was agreed that no increases would be incurred for the current year. To be reviewed annually in line with charges for utility services. * Polite Reminder Please always submit a room hire form to secure any booking. It was agreed that Blank copies would be left in the Newspaper box outside the Reading Room. ACTION: Cathy to organise. Noticeboard to advise where blank forms located. Martina to put a notice up.

Yoga have booked for another course.

Polling Day Elections – bookings to date 5th May all day and 23rd June all day

Reading Room to be made available between the hours of 6.30 a.m and 10.30 p.m.

Council Officers will be given a key for the duration of the hire only. Polling Booths will be set up the night before any election.

New Front Door Lock

Thank you Trevor for supplying and fitting a new heavy duty lock. All committee members have been given a key. Thanks to Cathy for arranging.

Reading Room Damage to Floor

Hilly reported that a small area of flooring in the main hall, by Kitchen entrance, has dipped and until repaired users of the RR should avoid walking on this area. Chris and Stewart agreed to investigate cause.


Chris Green has kindly offered for the Reading Room to have general use of his wifi service (No business use permitted). Chris alerted the committee to his concerns regarding inappropriate use and security. Martina spoke to Mike who is not unduly concerned regarding security as all use of the laptop can be traced back and Chris Green would not be held liable for any misuse of this facility from the laptop based in the Reading Room. Committee members to report any misuse identified.

Welcome/Ladies Club

Group regularly meet every forthnight (Thursday). All participants are enjoying the time to catch up and share hobbies/crafts. A lunch trip to be booked and a whole day trip to be priced up for the Summer. Martina, Committee secretary is collecting/recording subs paid. A percentage of which will be given to the Treasurer in due course.

Upcoming Events

Tulip Festival – Constable Burton Hall April 30th – 1st and 2nd May 2016

4 Green tables and 40+ white cups and saucers to be borrowed from the Reading Room for this event.

Afternoon Tea – Sunday 24th April 2016 2p.m onwards (Martina & Dave)

Coffee Morning – Saturday 14th May 2016 10 a,m onwards (Hilly+Helpers)

Afternoon Tea – Sunday 22nd May 2016 2 p.m onwards (Martina & Dave)

A Right Royal Do” Tea Party and Sports day to celebrate Queen’s 90th Birthday

10 a.m – 2 p.m. All Committee members to help please.

Use of Reading Room Toilet facilities

Permission still in place for builders working on Village Farm to have use of Reading Room Toilet facilities. Thanks to Cathy/Stewart for organising.

Repairs to Reading Room Car park

Tarmac to slope has broken away leaving two holes. Cars using the car park to be aware. It was agreed that two bags of cold tar would be ordered from Myers, repairs to be carried out as soon as possible. Stewart agreed to monitor and organise.

Treasurers Report

Income £112.90 Easter Afternoon Tea and Egg Hunt

(Thanks to Mike for fab photos see website)

£90.00 Coffee Morning

(Well Done Hilly and Moy for raising a fantastic amount)

Expenditure Npower Electricity £123.00

Front Door New Lock £48.41 (Thanks to Trevor for installing)

Water Bill

Accounts due to be audited for 31st March 2016

  • Polite Reminder – receipts always needed to claim reimbursement for expenses

Jonny to email Secretary full financial report.

The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 10th May 2016 at 7 p.m

(Jean Knight in attendance as new committee member)

  • We have a full agenda for the next meeting, any new non-urgent items to be carried forward)

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