Reading Room Minutes – 11th August 2015

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 11 August 2015

Present: Mike Phillipson, Stuart Ayers, Hilda Dobson, Jonny Handley, Martina Miller and Moira Edington

Apologies were received from Cathy Ayers and Anna Corbett

Matters arising from the previous meeting held on 7th July 2015.

Grass Cutting (The Green)

All areas that required strimming have now been done and being maintained. Thanks to Stuart and Jonny.

Adopt a Pot

Thank you for all donations received to date. £30 and plants have been passed to Stuart/Cathy Ayers who have offered to purchase further new plants and arrange the planters.

Coffee Morning – 11th July 2015

Big thank you to Hilly and all the helpers, cake makers and attendees at this event.

Afternoon Tea – 26th July 2015

Thank you to all helpers, cake makers and attendees. This event raised a substantial amount and it agreed that £60 from this be donated to the Alistair Bullen Aromatherapy Fund. (£60 to be deducted from the Treasurers report).

Treasurers Report July 2015

Money In

£64.60 – Coffee Morning 11 July 2015

£35 – Room Hire

£139.00 – Afternoon Tea 26th July 2015

TOTAL IN = £238.60

Money Out

£7.00 Petrol

£80.00 Purchase of Petrol Strimmer

£15.55 Afternoon Tea Expenses

TOTAL OUT = £102.55

TOTAL FOR THE MONTH = £136.05 profit


Sunday 30th August 2015

It was agreed that the Village Fair would now begin at 1 p.m.

Action: Time to be changed on the website.


Thank you to all gifts donated so far.

Action: Request for Tombola and Raffle prizes to be added to the website.

Hilly has been busy sourcing and purchasing gifts/prizes for the Fair and has also arranged to borrow a Coconut Shy from Finghall.

Action: Hilly to source coconuts and tennis balls for this event. Well Done Hilly.

Mike Phillipson has agreed to email Wensleydale Railway in the hope of obtaining a Family Rail Ticket donation. Previous sponsorship has been gratefully received. Mike has further agreed to produce all signage for the Village Fair. Big thank you to Mike for his time and effort.


Ann and Alan Bodman and John Watson have produced plants for this stall. Thank you for your support.


Moira suggested that a Chicken and Vegetable Basket be made as a Raffle Prize. This was agreed.

Action: Moira to organise. Thanks


Thank you to Keith Loadman who has kindly offered to provide 6 large bales of straw to set up this stall.


To date 17 residents have offered to display a scarecrow of their choice. All scarecrows to clearly display their name. It was agreed that Hilly/Moira and Cathy would walk around the village to record where scarecrows were located and their name in readiness for the Treasure Hunt.

To date 10 cakes have been offered, thank you in advance to all our bakers. Your support is very much appreciated.


A discussion took place as to the possibility of generating income from outsiders who may wish to rent a space on The Green to sell goods e.g. jewellery, handmade items……. A charge of £10 would be paid and the stall holder would provide their own table.

Action: advert to be placed on the website, any interest to be fed back to the committee.

HELPERSWe have approximately 20+ helpers for the Village Fair. Your continued support is appreciated, as without it, our Village events would not be possible.



All Welcome

  • Please note we will need help on the evening of Friday 29th August to put up the tent and locate furniture/equipment outside.

Hilly has a list of helpers and their nominated area. We plan to rotate help on the day where possible.

Coming Events

Coffee Morning Saturday 15th August 2015. Hilda/Martina have offered their help, thank you. (A Farewell to Anna and Chris Corbett has been arranged from midday. A BBQ will be available, bring your own food and drink). Thank you to all cake makers, helpers and attendees.

Coffee Morning Saturday 12th September 2015. Helpers and cake donations needed please.

Afternoon Tea Sunday 27th September 2015. Helpers and cake donations needed please.

Any Other Business

Mike advised that he has now upgraded both Laptops to Windows 10 and installed more memory. Thanks Mike (our Information Technology wizard).

Village Lawnmower – the lawnmower has now been repaired.

Reading Room Committee next meeting – Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 7 p.m.

The meeting closed at 8.00 p.m

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