Reading Room Minutes – 10th May 2016


Constable Burton Reading Room Committee

Minutes of meeting 10th May 2016

Present: Stewart and Cathy Ayers, Hilda Dobson, Martina Miller and Chris Green

Apologies: Jonny Handley Absent: Mike Phillipson and Gerry Hannah

The committee welcomed Chris to the meeting as a newly appointed member. It was noted that Jean Knights will join the committee at the next meeting scheduled for 14th June 2016.

Matters Arising

Reading Room Outdoor Storage

Repairs to the roof on external storage is still outstanding. Stewart advised that following a recent inspection; an internal beam requires repair/replacement before any roof repairs can be carried out safely. ACTION: John E and Stewart to follow up

Village Traffic Issues

Delivery vehicles continue to arrive frequently in the village. Larger HGV’s continue to ignore (low bridge waning sign) and as such have to reverse some distance.

Hilly has since met with Keith Loadman (Parish Cllr) to review the damage to the grass verges. Keith has offered to carry out some remedial works to the areas most affected as soon as wet weather has passed.

Wild flower Bed – The Green

Area to be carefully weeded so as to not disturb wild flowers already growing there. ACTION: Help from residents needed.

Reading Room Hire

It was agreed that no increase in fees would be made for the current financial year. To be reviewed annually.

Polling Day 5th May

Thank you to Stewart for opening the Reading Room at 6 a.m for Polling staff to set up. Stewart advised on how to use the heating system and then returned at 10.30 p.m to lock up.

Constitution for Committee

Following a discussion of every item on the September 2004 version. Amendments were put forward. ACTION: Martina agreed to re-type the Constitution and circulate at the next meeting for approval.

Reading Room Damage to Floor

ACTION: Ongoing, Chris and Stewart to monitor.

Recent Events

Afternoon Tea – Sunday 24th April 2016 Thanks to helpers and cake bakers

Coffee Morning – Saturday 14th May 2016 Thanks to helpers and cake bakers

Afternoon Tea – Sunday 22nd May 2016 Thanks to helpers and cake bakers

REMINDER This is a take and share event

A Right Royal Do” Tea Party and Sports day to celebrate Queen’s 90th Birthday . Saturday 11th June 10 a.m – 2 p.m. All Committee members to help please. Sports activities to be set up on the Green. A flyer to ask residents to bring buffet food for Tea Party. Cakes needed please.

Hilly has asked her relatives to lend a hand. Valerie Dawson has kindly offered to bake and provide cakes and sandwiches. Val’s grandchildren will be helpers. Thank you Val and Hilly for your continued support. Lucy Hall has agreed to loan some school P.E equipment for the sports events. Thank you.

Committee Members Contact Details

Following a brief discussion its was agreed that a list of all Committee Members and their contact details will be put in the Village Noticeboard. All Committee members are key holders of the Reading Room. ACTION: Martina to type up and circulate to all members to check.

The Reading Room is the local Emergency Centre. Chris agreed to research any grants available to update our equipment/supplies to ensure we are prepared if there is a local disaster.

Conflict of Interest

This item deferred to the next meeting.

Treasurers Report

Treasures Report – April 2016 

Money In

£93.80-Coffee Morning

£79.81-Afternoon Tea

£45.00-Yoga Room Hire

£35.00-Constable Burton Hall Room Hire


TOTAL IN = £253.61


Money Out

£11.49-New keys for Reading Room

£10.99-Ink for printer

£8.99-Phone line extension cable

£4.00-Coffee Morning Expenses

£25.48-Afternoon Tea Expenses


TOTAL OUT = £60.95

TOTAL FOR THE MONTH = £192.66 Profit


VILLAGE FAIR – Special Meeting to discuss roles

Tuesday 24th May 2016, 7 p.m onwards. All welcome.


The meeting closed at 8.10 p.m

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 14th June 2016 at 7 p.m

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