Reading Room Committee – Minutes of meeting held on 7th May 2024

Constable Burton Village
Minutes of Reading Room Committee
7th May 2024 @ 6:00pm

  1. Apologies of Absence : Edwina Yates & Thomas Naylor
  2. Persons Present & Guests : Cathy Ayers, Stewart Ayers, Jenni Shaw, Helen Bush, Jean Knight, Moira Edington, Mal Logan, Carol Dixon, Andrew Dawson, Mike Hale, Niesha Snarr, Charles Wyvill, Imogen Wyvill, Simon Lemm, Dawn Gelder.
  3. Matters Arising : Not APPLICABLE as this is the 1st meeting for the new committee.
  4. Protocol of Future Meetings : All meetings moving forward will be flexible and suitable for the majority of the committee and take into account Family/Work Commitments.
    1. Agenda to be advertised on the website and posted in the village Notice Board. Ideally aimed to be a week before the scheduled meeting.
  5. Treasurers Report : N/A this is the 1st meeting and handover from previous committee to new committee is still in progress.
    1. Since the AGM ON 19th April received £10.00 pw total £20 so far from the POP UP SHOP.
  6. Notice Board : Relocation of the subsequent wooden notice board, it was discussed by all in attendance and a vote showing of hands, unanimously all agreed the wooden notice board to be re-instated back in the original position and both the Parish Council & Village Community go back to sharing the space. This was to be also discussed at the next parish council meeting on the 13th May 2024.
  7. Book Swap : This initiative has been introduced to everyone in the village to be able to swap a book, or to purchase a book for a donation that will then be used to help buy new books when required to keep a good supply for all to enjoy. Any donations of books to help replenish the shelves would be greatly appreciated and a suitable donation box / container will be placed in the reading Room.

    The Book -Swap shop will be open along side the Pop up Shop 12:00 to 1:30pm & Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00am
  8. Progress so Far :

    Reading Room Car park has been cleared of unused / waste items and weeds removed, Coal shed roof repaired and now water tight and door sanded and repainted, Lawn Mower shed Door has also been sanded and painted by Simon Lemm. Keter shed has been made tidy to make space for further storage of the excess chairs, Fire grate, ash pan & plates replaced, Coal bunker repositioned, Fruit trees planted on the allotment plot ( kindly donated by Charles Wyvill) also kindly donated are a selection of fruit bushes from Mike Hale and a very large beautiful Camilla bush from Jenni & Steve Shaw which has been placed on the green for all to enjoy, with a further kind offer from Imogen Wyvill of more fruit bushes from the CB Halls Kitchen Garden.

    It was asked, what is the purpose of the Fruit Orchard and it was explained this was for the villagers to enjoy by using the fruits produced to make jam by our very own jam makers in the village or anyone wanting to try making jam. It was felt that this would be lower maintenance and for something for everyone in the village to enjoy and get involved with.

    There will also be a Pumpkin Patch for the villagers / children to come pick a Pumpkin to carve at Halloween.
  9. Future Events :
    1. Planned Afternoon Tea is set for Saturday 25th May 2024 ( flyer to follow )
    2. Supper Club event 15th June 2024 ( French themed night with games, Quiz and raffle.
    3. POP UP SHOP will now be every Wednesday 12:00 to 13:30pm ( it has been suggested through the summer holidays to run along side the pop up shop a children’s event arts/ crafts & games either in the Reading Room or on the green. ( more details to follow )
    4. Kids Halloween will be still taking place and date to be confirmed with an Adults Supper event in the evening.
    5. Wreath Making events in autumn & winter ( more details to follow )
    6. Summer Fair, August Bank Holiday Weekend ( separate meeting taking place on 4th June 2024 at 7pm in reading rooms to discuss all ideas and looking for anyone to volunteer either on the day or just the run up to the event, any help what ever that may be will be very much welcomed and appreciated.
  10. Any Other Business : Resident Jean Knight expressed a concern over the disposal of items no longer required or damaged that where donated to the Reading Room without consultation to the villagers, So it was agreed any further disposals of any such items donated, the villagers will be given the opportunity to take back as to not cause any upset.
    1. North Yorkshire Fire Service Officer visited the Reading Room and give guidance/ advice to ensure we are up to speed and certain safety measures are in place in the Reading Rooms a public space. There were a number of points we need to address such as indoor clear pathways and exits, fire extinguishers are 6 months out of date and currently no fire/carbon monoxide alarms, Currently awaiting full report so these can all be addressed.

Date of next meeting : Tuesday 18th June 2024 at 7:00pm

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