Proposed Purchase Of A Generator For The Reading Room

As we are all aware, the country is facing a certain amount of uncertainty surrounding power supply going forward into the winter months, the Government has very recently commissioned a proposed national response with the possibility that power cuts, at worst, could extend to 7 days. Our proposal is that we are proactive in our approach as a local community and try wherever to protect and support our Village, and in particular the elderly and vulnerable residents. The provision of an emergency power supply will allow the Reading Room to be a full emergency centre if required so we can supply hot beverages, hot food, light and a warm and welcoming environment.

Regarding the storage of the equipment, this has been taken into account, and I can confirm that the equipment/fuel would be stored off premises.

Please make any comments you may have about this proposal before the 14th Dec 22.

Please also be advised that once the period of pubic consultation has concluded, then our findings and proposal will be passed to the parish council for final decision.

Reading Room Committee

24 thoughts on “Proposed Purchase Of A Generator For The Reading Room

  1. Nigel Pratley

    Dearest Barry
    You have my utmost sympathies. You have coped remarkably patiently in dealing with John’s hearing concerns and general comments visa ve the generator proposals. I suggest as an alternative ‘ quillos’ – which are scaled down quilts, suitable for armchair personal comfort. Ideal for a reading room.
    Much regard

  2. Carole Dixon

    Sorry I’m late to comment on here. Presumably the generator will only be used when there is a power cut, so we’re not talking about noise pollution 24/7 just in emergency situations? In that case I’d be happy to endorse anything that helps the elderly and vulnerable in the village keep warm in an emergency and provides a safe place for them to go, particularly if there are grants available. Also really like the idea of a supply of key items that can be loaned out.

  3. John Edington

    Barry, when you and I had our two-hour meeting. Several times, I broke down in tears explaining to you past events here in the village. I explained that I did not feel safe outside my home or walking through the village.

    On the advice of the police, I purchased a body camera and four CCTV cameras that record 24 hours a day. The body camera was to protect myself the 4 cameras are to protect my property from the sick, mined person who vandalised my cars.

    Your reply to this was that no one should have to do that. But, sadly, I did, and this week I have taken to wearing the camera to protect myself again.

    You are not aware that my mental health has suffered because of the above. As a result, I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
    I always thought that PTSD was something that only affected the military. However, from the treatment I have received, it has been explained that PTSD is suffered by individuals who feel they cannot protect their loved ones.
    As we discussed, the stress we had been under led to Moira’s heart attack and having to wait outside the hospital for 10.5 hours because of covid restrictions impacted my emotional well-being to the point of being diagnosed with PTSD, as I could not protect my loved ones. However, I have kept this a secret from others other than Moira until now.
    Sadly, I have again started to wear my body camera, and I now realise that I am experiencing another episode of PTSD brought on by recent events.
    If my comments have caused you any distress, then I apologise. This will be my last post on this website. I have decided to go back into a retreat for a few days.
    As I said earlier, you said no one should have to wear a camera or install CCTV to feel safe.
    All I can ask of you is to help protect ‘all’ the villagers. Yes, we need to support the vulnerable, including villagers who feel emotionally vulnerable. What will you put in place to protect those like Moira and I?

    In closing, I would like again to apologise if my comments have caused you harm.
    Moira and I want to live here in peace and without fear.


  4. John Edington

    Barry, I’m very concerned about your comments regarding a committee member prematurely discussing the generator with me. The simple fact is you gave me your word as chairman in our two-hour meeting to discuss the past leadership handling issues like this. You agreed they had not handled things openly and honestly and that you would inform me before anything like this happened again. Posting the consultation on the website ‘after’ you had received my email is a million miles away from you, keeping to your word.

    Simon’s point below about the date of the December meeting is classic poor leadership (Hello Barry ……Please can you confirm the date of the next Committee meeting as suggested in December as it is always best to be informed before the event rather than after its actually happened.)

    Was I naive to think that the reading room committee would stop keeping secrets from the villagers as you promised?

    You gave me your word that there would be open and honest communication. So how is admitting on this website that there was a leaked premature email open and honest?

    John Edington

    1. Barry Snarr

      Dear John.
      In my reply to your comments, I’m sure others would agree, I don’t believe the village website is the correct place to air your personal views, make disparaging remarks about a fellow community member who only has the well-being of the community at heart. Some of the statements you have used to support your views are in fact incorrect/untrue and you would have been better checking with me prior to making them. I in turn have written to you privately outlining your mistakes as I don’t think this platform is the correct place for these types of comments. Public mud slinging and point scoring I feel are unacceptable on any social media platform but especially one whose intent to bring the community together. My original post was purely to consult the community as to their views about the function of the Reading Room as an emergency centre in protecting vulnerable members of the community. I hope people will continue to make productive suggestions relating to my original post.

  5. Mike Hale

    I believe the perceived risk expressed here is scaremongering at best, but even if I’m wrong the generator solution is noisy, smelly, expensive to purchase (and service and/or depreciate), likely to become an expensive ornament and ultimately pointless given it won’t serve the need of the villagers if the worst case scenario actually occurred.
    John’s alternative suggestions are bang on – make provision for serving people’s simple, core requirements … distribute that to people who need them … add to that a good dose of neighbourly concern and I’m confident we will survive!

    1. John Edington

      Mike, I could not agree more with your comments regarding the scaremongering and expensive ornament. Thank God we have had a chance this time to express our opinions as villagers

    2. barry snarr

      Hi Mike. Thanks for your valuable input, the purpose of this consultation is to try and gain opinions and ideas, alternatives etc. to be able to offer a community service, where required would be a great asset to the village. Please be advised that the village hall has been formally designated as a warm hub by Richmondshire council. As I’ve already indicated we are more than happy to consider alternatives as long as we have the volunteers and manpower to undertake which I’m confident we have.
      Regarding the use of a generator to supply electricity to the reading room if required. I’ve been advised by the Richmond council where two other villages have applied this initiative and I’m making arrangements to visit them to see what they have done, type etc and will use this platform to feed back any useful information as and when I’ve visited. Your comments regarding costs and the risks of becoming expensive ornaments I take on board and already have suggestions so this can be avoided. At the risk of repeating myself, this is purely a suggestion at this moment in time, I agree with you Mike that I’m sure we can rely on our residents and their neighbourhood to make sure we’re all safe.

  6. Dawn

    Just reading the comments does this suggest these interventions will only go ahead if a Grant is obtained ??
    Maybe a suggestion to sell the big white tent and use that money if a grant is not obtained for emergency supplies as there is not many people that would be in a position to put that up or take down in the future

  7. Simon

    Hello Barry ……Please can you confirm the date of the next Committee meeting as suggested in December as it is always best to be informed before the event rather than after its actually happened.

    1. barry snarr

      Hi Simon. Agree, always best to be prepared. As per the attached minutes on this website. 6.30pm 14th December. Take care. Barry


    Having read the above, and consulted with an energy company, it appears there will be things in place to support the elderly and vulnerable.

    I understand that supporting the community is very important however there is no suggestion of a 7 day blackout, and the chances of this will be very minimal. It will be in the cities where most of this will take place on a max 3 hour period and businesses will be asked to reduce energy by having people work from home where possible and street lamps will be switched off.

    If this is to be obtained by the way of a Grant then I feel this will be a waste of tax payers money and will be better spent elsewhere supporting the current established hubs to support the wider community.

    1. barry snarr

      Hi Simon,
      As per my previous comment always best to be prepared. The government strategy plan that was leaked to The Guardian at the beginning of November does state it’s their worst case scenario. As I mentioned previously, it’s just a proposal at the moment, I always believe in being prepared, better to have and not need than need and not have. ( don’t know about anyone else but it always wrangles me to pay large insurance premiums etc for something you hope you never have to use!). As I’ve stated before, let’s hope we don’t lose our power supply and we battle through eh!
      Regards Barry

  9. Barry (Chairman)

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, please keep them coming. I will be meeting with my Co committee members in December and all your comments will be taken into consideration. I’m unsure what type of generators that Northern Power Grid use as per Gillian’s comment, the generators I had originally in mind were the inverter type designed for silent running , the same type as I have used when using my caravan on sites where they insist on silent running. I’m more than happy to consider all alternatives where they would be appropriate to an emergency event rather than a pre planned event. Of course this is all dependent on whether there is any government grant money available and of course the volunteer group who will avail the community of their time.
    Thanks Mr Edington for all your efforts etc, I did get your email sent privately and I noted you had posted the same on here. I was in the process of having the proposal logged on the website but unfortunately I think a member of the committee must have discussed it with you prematurely prior to me putting it out for consultation. Hopefully all your questions have all been answered. As I’d already indicated, matters pertaining to insurance, fuel storage etc I’d taken into consideration as they will be off site. Let’s all hope that the need for an emergency centre is not required and the lights stay on! When faced with adversity the village has already demonstrated its steadfast and selfless commitment to the community throughout Covid.

  10. John Edington

    Martina I am so pleased you found my suggestions valuable.

    I am often inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    He said back in 1965 the following words. I believe his words are just as poignant today as they were back in 1965

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    John Edington

  11. John Edington

    Niesha I too welcome this consultation.
    As I said in my letter to Barry yesterday morning before this proposed consultation was posted on the website. I welcome the opportunity for the following reasons.

    I have been asking for years that the reading room leadership team communicate before purchasing items that negatively impact life in the village. Gillian and Dawn’s comments reinforce how important it is to consult and not just railroad the ideas of just two people.

    My suggestions are for example.
    Campart Travel Gas Stove, 6 Burners, 4 kW, Thermal Safety System, Detachable Lid, Compact, Portable.
    This portable stove would have multiple uses for the reading room. Not just for emergencies. You can cook and boil water indoors and outside. With six burners, it would more than meet the needs required to support the villagers. It cost £99 on Amazon.

    Here are two items we have purchased that work perfectly well. Thermos flasks that keep boiling water red-hot for 24 Hours. We have used this, and it keeps the water hot enough to make tea or coffee after 24 hrs. costs £21. With the £500 grant, you could buy 24 of them and free loan them to the vulnerable residents. That way, they don’t have to leave home on dark nights. And once again, they would have multiple benefits for the reading room.

    Similar benefits would also apply to the following item a Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light. With 2 hours of charge for up to 60 days of light. They cost £19 for two.
    The above suggestions have multiple uses for the reading room and community. First, they would be of help in any emergency. The reading room has the funds to buy these types of items for the benefit of the whole community.

    The money would be well spent and not wasted on a generator to sit in someone’s garage and never be used or only used once. Purchasing items like these has added benefits of no noise pollution, no air pollution from a petrol generator and more importantly no hovering helicopter sound distressing the residents.

    If it would help, I can post the links to Amazon. Please note I am not on commission from Amazon or any supplier. As they say on TV other suppliers are available. 😊

    John Edington

    1. Martina Miller

      Love the idea of equipment that can be loaned out to vulnerable residents. Items would have to be returned and not just sit in people’s houses. I would suggest an inventory be done to book in/book out items. Im interested to know who the key holders are now for the Village Hall 😊

  12. John Edington

    Thank you, Gillian, for your feedback on the generator loaned to you by Northern Powergrid.
    After reading your feedback, I can only echo my comments posted earlier. The noise issue is far more significant than most people initially thought it would be.

    I am sure all the houses near the reading room would not like the sound of a helicopter hovering over their house for hours.

    Because Gillian’s experience with a fully soundproofed generator was so bad, we can now rule out buying one that cannot be guaranteed to prevent the same results and distress that Gillian has suffered.

    When Northern Powergrid cannot supply a fully soundproof generator, what chance does the reading room have of purchasing one that will not cause significant distress to those living next to and near the reading room, including Ashfield Court?

    We need to find an alternative positive solution.
    I will post my alternative suggestions later today.
    John Edington

    1. Martina Miller

      Hi John, you have raised some valuable points regarding a generator. I would prefer a greener alternative, solar panels would be my first go to as it helps reduce the electric bills and has a battery pack. I’m no expert on these matters. There may be grants that can be tapped into if the Reading Room registered as a centre for emergencies. Hope a greener solution is found. Best wishes

  13. Gillian Reed

    We had a generator on loan from Northern Powergrid during a power cut not long ago. It was fully sound proofed with huge pads, still the throbbing noise from it inside our house was as if a helicopter was hovering above our property.

  14. Niesha Snarr

    I also think it’s an excellent idea in principle, and agree that we should be heeding the warnings about potential power outages in the cold weather period, and feel we have a moral responsibility to have arrangements in place to keep people in the community who are vulnerable safe from harm should those outages occur. I welcome this consultation on the issue as it will allow us establish the potential benefits/perceived negative impact on individuals, so that further work can be done in exploring options for type/model of generator that may address some of the concerns already raised or, if the community do not feel it would be required we can then not pursue the proposal. Obviously if the wider community does feel this would have value/benefit then I think it would be very worthwhile to then look into the funding implications and the actual volunteer network to support the initiative to see if it is feasible.

  15. John Edington

    Barry, I am writing to you as the chairperson of the reading room and Parish councilor.
    I have two significant concerns
    The first is:
    It has come to my knowledge that the committee is exploring a proposal to purchase a generator. Unfortunately, I suffer from two hearing impairments. These impairments massively affect my well-being. One of the impairments is my ability to process noise. Therefore, listening to a generator for hours will significantly impact my well-being.
    I would like you to answer five vitally essential questions
    Question one:
    What measures will the committee guarantee me that the generator will be kept and used in a soundproof enclosure?
    Question two:
    How many residents have been consulted to establish if they also have hearing impairments
    Question three:
    Also, in what and where will the fuel be stored? In your letter of 20th May 2022, you expressed concerns about the contents of my shed and the community’s safety.
    Question four:
    What procedures do you propose to ensure that the fuel storage will meet with the comments raised in your letter of 20th May?
    Question five:
    If the purchase goes ahead, could you provide me with the confirmation you have informed the insurance company, once again in line with your letter of the 20th May
    My second concern is:
    On two separate occasions, one in my kitchen and the other in our meeting at your home, you gave me your word that any proposals by the reading room that could impact our lives, you would discuss them with me. Sadly, this has not happened. Your home is far enough away for the generator not to disturb you. St Andrews Cottage and our house would have no escape from the noise.
    I would like you to reply in writing to my comments, as I need to ensure my health and well-being are recorded and not ignored, like my past dealings with the reading room committee and parish council.
    i would have thought a more greener version for example a solar generator would be more beneficial.
    the size of generator that would be needed to boil a kettle would also be increable noisy.
    i would have appriciated a more comprehensive research and consultaion before the committee comit to purchasing a generator that once again will only negativly impact on those closest to the reading room

    John Edington
    14th November 2022

  16. Dawn gelder

    Before any purchase is made people need to be aware of the impact on residents !
    What value will this add to our community?
    Where will the petrol be housed ?
    Where will the generator be situated?
    Sound, noise level ?
    We need more information such as images of proposed item and the overall impact. Against the overall benefit ?

  17. Maggie Wyvill

    An excellent idea. What is the cost. If one could afford it it would be a wonderful idea here. We had one at hall. Essential.


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