‘Posts and Chains for green’ – Comment

(from George Tomlin On An Item In The Reading Room Minutes Dated 28 Feb 17)

In the minutes of the Reading Room meeting of the 13 Dec 16 a suggestion was made that there should be a “possible replacement of (flower) tubs with posts and chains this idea will be looked into further”. There is no explanation as to why this is deemed necessary.
In the minutes of the Reading Room meeting of the 28 Feb 17 this suggestion has been developed into “Posts and Chains for green” and that a detailed report on the number of posts and cost of chains has been produced.

I would be grateful if this detailed report could be published for consideration by the residents of Constable Burton before any further action is taken on this proposal.



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  1. Chris Green

    Hello Martina, Thank you for your comment. We are well aware of the previous discussions regarding your above suggestions of solid wooden planters, however this was rejected on the following grounds:
    The planters would be too heavy to lift on and off the grass verges to be able to cut the grass.
    If the planters were left in place the wooden planters would be damaged with the use of a strimmer.
    The wooden planters would require extensive and difficult annual maintenance. The wooden posts are a far easier option and the whole idea of anything placed on this grass bend was to prevent vehicles from driving onto the verges with the damage that would cause.

    I do not intend to debate this on this website for which it was not intended. I replied to George as there was a technical wrong wording in the Minutes which required clarification.
    The place for such debate is to attend the meetings at the village hall and you will be made more than welcome.
    Regards Chris.

    1. Mrs Martina Miller

      For clarification, the wooden planters were to stay in situ and not be moved and disagree that a strimmer would damage them as have had such planters myself. Please ensure that the minutes reflect the ‘rejection’ and comments raised. Thanks

  2. Mrs Martina Miller

    I would like to remind the committee on a previous discussions to replace the tatty plastic pots and replace with solid wooden planters, and less of them. Local businesses could be approached and asked if they wanted to sponsor a planter and a small plaque attached detailing/advertising which company. Please advise if the wooden planters are not to go ahead now? Thanks

  3. Chris Green

    Hello George, thank you for your enquiry regarding the ‘posts on the green.’ This suggestion was not for posts on the ‘green’ but to replace the planting pots on the bend around where Carl and Carol live and on the opposite side of the bend from Hilly’s house to Mill Lane. The plastic plant pots there have seen better days, some are broken and the suggestion was to replace them with white posts to smarten up the village around that bend.

    Before any decision could be made prices were required and below is a breakdown for those prices. The problem here was how easy it could be made to cut the grass around the posts.
    If a strimmer was used it would cut into the posts and damage them. I therefore costed for those short metal ‘Metapost’ that could be sunk into the ground below ground level so that the posts could be easily lifted out to cut over them with a lawnmower.
    However the costs of over £697 was thought to be too expensive for the very limited budget that the Village Hall has, and so it looks like that this suggestion is now ‘dead in the water.’


    Background – White fence posts are proposed to replace the flower tubs on the bend in the village – for both sides of the road. With or without a plastic chain or spiked chain. The total length is approx. 114 m.

    If it is proposed that the posts are to be placed at 3m intervals then for both sides of the road there will need to be – 38 posts.

    Option 1.
    This option would have a wooden white painted post (3” x 3”), inserted into the ground with a chain.

    a) The post would either be hammered into the grass and the chain attached.
    Disadvantage – This would mean that grass cutting around the post would have to be by a strimmer which is labour intensive and would damage the wooden post.
    Costs – £431.5 + paint cost. (Cost from Naylor Myers with 22.5% discount).

    This option would be to insert metal post holders into the ground below the level of the surface but so that the posts can be lifted out for grass cutting. This would incur extra costs. Cost £697.5. (Metal post holders cost approx. £7 each x 38 = £266 ).
    Advantage – easy post removal for grass cutting.
    Disadvantage – cost plus labour intensive if cement is used to secure the post holder. The cost of the post fix cement is not included. An alternative not using cement is possible.

    Option 2.
    To just have wooden posts 3” x 3” inserted into the ground without any chain.
    Costs – £150.
    I have seen this at other villages and it looks quite effective. A chain can be added at some time in the future if required.

    Option 3.
    The posts would be manufactured of plastic and can have a plastic chain (spiked or plain) and the posts would have a spike on the base to simply insert into the ground.
    (Spiked post costs £6.18. each – for 38 posts – £234.84)
    (The plain chain 6mm – £143.28. 8mm – £194.04).
    (Fixing stainless steel pad eyes 54mm x 15mm £2.44 each and two required for each post – £185.14).
    Total cost – £563.24 for 6mm. £614.02 for 8mm.
    Advantage is that there would be no corrosion and would not require painting initially or subsequently.

    Chris Green


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