6 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee – Photos

  1. George Tomlin

    And so many wonderful desserts and cakes entered into the competition. They were delicious and all were deserving of a prize!

  2. Jack & Sandra

    What a unbelievable surprise the volunteers put on to celebrate this amazing occasion on the queen’s platinum jubilee. Not just a burger but the supporting food scrumptious and plenty to go round. A tremendous effort from you all and a big thank you to all of you.

  3. Helen

    We came with our mother in law looked good but unfortunately she was unable to walk down the slope to the green so we couldn’t attend.

    1. Niesha Snarr

      Hi Helen. Sorry for the delay in replying, we have been away in France for nearly a month and I am playing catch up. I’m so sorry you couldn’t attend because of the slope down to the green. If ever you wish to attend with anyone with mobility problems please do let myself or one of the other committee members know and we will organise it so you can drive your car down the slope at the far end to drop your mum (or the person with mobility problems) off safely on the flat area with the benches before parking elsewhere. Also to pick her up at the end of the event! We look forward to you being able to attend future events together. Best wishes Niesha (Committee member)

  4. Steve

    What a fabulous day we had at the Jubilee celebrations today!! The food was fantastic, I’m not sure I’ll need to eat anymore until Thursday or Friday, the company equally so. The whole event was superbly planned & executed by a great team , working tireless (overnight in some cases) to ensure a memorable day for the whole village to enjoy.
    Thank you to all concerned, just wanted to let you all know it is very much appreciated.
    Steve, Jenni & Ludo.

  5. Stephen Allen

    Good to see the 8 part HRH portrait by the local art group for the Diamond Jubilee 2012 around (in the picture with the cup cakes). Good to see jubilee spirit thriving in Constable Burton
    Stephen and Pam Allen (1993 – 2013)


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