Photos: Summer Fair 2021

What an amazing day and an outstanding success…

The numbers that attended far exceeded expectations. From hooking ducks to wellie wanging and chicken chucken an enormous amount of fun was had by all. The 3 duck races, on a shortened course due to the ‘hard going, went ahead with no casualties! By 4 o’clock almost everything was sold out including the excellent and delicious cakes that were home baked and donated to the Fair. Thank you. The scrumptious BBQ was also sold out with thanks to the chefs.

A full report will be included in the minutes of the next Reading Room Committee Meeting which is currently scheduled for Thursday 23rd September, but yet to be confirmed. In the meantime many thanks go to those who helped prepare for the day and to those who assisted on the day. It would not have been possible without you. A special thank you goes to Hilly Dobson whose drive and enthusiasm towards the benefit of our small community is unflagging and undaunted. She made the day the outstanding success that it was.

Stay safe!
Yours ever,


Major (Retd) George F Tomlin MBE
Chair, The Reading Room Committee, Constable Burton
Telephone: 01677 450194
Mobile: +447773031874

One thought on “Photos: Summer Fair 2021

  1. Steve Shaw

    Some great shots there Mike, I particularly like the one on Tony enjoying his lunch.
    A brilliant day overall, we’ll done everyone, I’m sorry I couldn’t have been more help.


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