Parish Council – Minutes of Village Meeting, April 23 2014


Minutes of Constable Burton Village Meeting – April 23 2014

Present: Councillors Keith Loadman and Anna Corbett, Stewart and Cathy Ayers, Michael and Valerie Dawson, Jean Knights, Doreen Jones, Mary Sheffield and Jane Tarlton

Minutes of the last meeting These were read and accepted as a true record

Matters arising

Councillor Loadman reported that the bridge on the footpath on the east of the village had been replaced and four stiles replaced with kissing gates.

The proposal that trains should stop at Constable Burton was not possible due to no platform, pedestrian crossing track etc

The benches on the Green had been repaired and reinstated by Derek Knights. The Parish Council made a contribution towards the cost of the timber.

Grass cutting

Alison Power (via email) expressed concern that the council was only prepared to cut the grass in Ashfield Close twice a year. Residents were having to do the work.

Action To be raised at the next Parish Council meeting on 19 May, and the clerk will follow it up

Street Lights

There was general agreement that turning them off between midnight and 5am would not cause inconvenience, except for the light at the entrance to Donald Smith Court if emergency vehicles were called during the night. Action Councillor Corbett will pass this concern to the district council.

Beech Tree

There is concern that the beech tree, having dropped one large branch might be unsafe. The seats and tables under the tree will be moved, and a warning tape will be put round the tree

Action Councillor Loadman will discuss the problem with Charles and Darcy Wyvill, confirming that they will obtain the opinion of the tree officer from Richmondshire DC as to its state of health.

Proposed path to the bus stop

Councillor Corbett reported that plans and an estimate had been obtained from Bikers (£20,000 inc VAT) This would include a stock proof timber fence, timber path edging and hard surface. If a grant was applied for, our contribution of £2000 would have to be raised in advance. Councillor Loadman pointed out the further costs of solicitor, planning permission, insurance and continuing maintenance. The Highways Agency would construct the last few yards at our expense.

The path would be on Burton Estate land, and Charles Wyvill has not yet given his permission. No further action will be taken until we hear from him.


This will soon be installed in the porch and procedures set up to access it.

The meeting closed at 8pm


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