Parish Council – Meeting Notes, 16th February 2015

  • The housing development in the village is unlikely to happen in the near future. The District Council has already allocated the required number of homes in our area.

  • The grass in Donald Smith Court will continue to be mowed by the Council. The reduction in this service only applies to road verges

  • The Highways Agency has been notified about the pot holes in the A684. There is an underlying problem that there is considerable subsidence in the road. It is on their “to do” list.

  • The Council has been informed about the street light (RDC6) at the end of Mill Lane opposite The Barn. The timing is unreliable

  • Buses – there is a proposal to have a bus only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday by Constable Burton. The other days the bus would go through Finghall. The gaps would be filled by co ordinating the Little White Bus and the Little Red Bus.

PS: the ‘Runner Ducks’ have returned!


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