Note from George in Africa

Seems like George Tomlin is having a great time in Africa.A sleep at last

I recently received a note wishing everyone a Happy New Year along with anecdotes about Rhino’s, Wood Preserve, Parties and a bottle Single Malt – not all one event I assume – along with the Photo’s published here.

I hope that he continues to have a great time and send lots more photo’s but, ominously, his note also contained news of the demise of his camera. I hope that this can be repaired or that he can avail himself of a replacement. It will be interesting to be able to compare his efforts with those of Attenborough, who’s new series made such a promising start last night……..NY Dinner


2 thoughts on “Note from George in Africa

  1. Mary and Keith Manning

    Do you think that’s a real spider? How much whisky would you have to drink to remain blissfully unaware that a spider the size of your hand is walking across your face?


      Half a bottle of single malt & a lot of wine before hand. It is a Great Golden Baboon Spider. I became quite fond of him!


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